Mar 23, 2018

Two c’s

I want to start this post with a very special thank you to a blog reader couple who just made a generous donation to the care of the three puppies at the shelter where they will be moved to on Monday ( fingers crossed ).  With their help along with other blog readers, these pups are assured of a good future.  Hmmm I just had a thought 💡  Ann has no computer nor internet but she does have a landline with free calls to Canada and the USA so I can get her to call me with updates on how the puppies are doing as she will be here for another four weeks after I leave.

The first ‘c’ refers to credit cards.  I noticed in early January that Colin’s credit card had been compromised.  Someone had been renting cars in Calgary, Alberta the end of December.  The last time the card had been used was at KM21 in November as we crossed into Mexico.  It really is important to check the details of your monthly statement even if you are not using your card.  His card was with CIBC Visa and they pretty much put us through the hoops and then the second degree over the situation.  They did not offer to make good on the unauthorized charges and only said they would look into it.  Meanwhile they cancelled the card and mailed a new card to our home in Kelowna.  That does us no good here in Mexico but we still had my credit card.  So as requested I called back 30 days later and once again we were put through the ropes and made to feel like criminals.  It took close to 20 minutes for then to very reluctantly tell us that the fraudulent charges had been cancelled.

As we don’t use credit but cash while in Mexico we had no problems.  Of course we will need a credit card as we travel through the USA and we did have my Mastercard.  A few weeks ago in early March I started to use my credit card to book a few tours here and there in Europe as well as three train trips and an airline flight.  For some reason I just decided to go online and check my statement to see how all these foreign charges were going through.  Compromised.  However Royal Bank Mastercard had stopped the charges from three US gas stations in Virgina in their tracks.  My card had already been cancelled.  I didn’t know that until I called about what I had discovered.  First thing they told me was to not worry as they would be sending me out a new card.  I explained that I was on a beach in Mexico.  No worries, it would get to me within 7 days  😯   I was speechless as someone else here had to wait two months for their replacement credit card, due to being compromised, to reach them here on the Isla ( it was mailed ).  So I gave them the business address and name of the owner of the RV Park and decided to wait and see what would happen.  There was nothing but kindness and compassion from this credit card company.  So very helpful.  Guess which card we will be cancelling and replacing once we get home?  So glad that we each have a separate card as well as a business credit card that we could have used in an emergency.

I called about the card late afternoon on Friday March 16th.  It was shipped from Canada on Monday the 19th and arrived in Mexico on the 20th and specifically was in Mazatlan on Wednesday the 21st.  The card was delivered early that afternoon to the business office and brought over by boat to the RV Park before sunset.  Amazing.

Not only that, the label did not have the business name on it.  But it got to me in three business days.

This is the second ‘c’.

Colin wanted to move the car under the palapa to wax it.  We ended up having to bring the bedroom slide in to get it around the corner.

The car was finally positioned to his satisfaction.

Colin then got to work waxing which was much easier being away from the sun.

He waxed the car by hand and then buffed it out.  Took a good part of the day.  The next day he detailed the inside.  It looks brand new again, that is until we drive it out of the RV park.  So much dust here.

Meanwhile I continued to stay inside and work on our trip.  I am still trying to get over my cold, it is not going as fast as I had hoped.  I finally did get to the end of my research tonight which is why I am only writing this post at 10:30PM and eating my dinner at the same time.  I realized that I have not been perfectly consistent in how I tackled each of the five cities which means I will have to take yet another day to review everything but that can wait until early May after I have completed all the taxes for the company and for us.  However that does not mean I am free to enjoy our last nine days.  It is now time to start planning our trek home as well as start packing up.  There will be some down time each day and I am sure to get one or two books read before we head out.  I am relieved to have the heavy mental work done.  Planning, packing up, unloading once home and doing the taxes are all things that I can do easily.

Our sunset last evening.  Today those wooden structures were covered with palm branches.  Semena Santa is about to begin.

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14 Responses to “Two c’s”

  1. Upriverdavid says:

    Someone stole Spring up here…We got snow last night…Are you sure you want to head home?..


  2. George Yates says:

    Nice that you got your new card so quickly, too bad about Colins though. no a friendly card company from the sounds of it.

  3. Al McClughan says:

    Hi Contessa:

    I had my debit card compromised back home in Canada this winter as well. We have debit and credit cards for both us connected to the same accounts, my understanding is that you can use the spouse’s card as it hasen’t been compromised in that situation. I haven’t needed to do this yet.

  4. Hi Contessa, I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip plans… and impressed by your credit card company.

    A comment – your spelling of Semana Santa is incorrect. It is Semana (not semena) for Week and Santa for Holy, so it is holy week. Every time I see semena I cringe so I just had to say something! (I come from a long line of school teachers, is that an excuse?)

    Nice seeing you a few times lately, if we don’t see you before you leave have a great trip home.


    • contessa says:

      Thank you Nancy. I could use my cold as an excuse but I think I have been spelling ‘Semana’ incorrectly for a long while.

      Good luck with all the adventures you are about to embark upon.

  5. Sandie Dixon says:

    Compromised cards are no fun. Can’t believe Colin’s credit company was so reluctant to help you. I’d definitely be cancelling that one. Also can’t believe it’s time for you guys to head home already. Time sure seems to be speeding up even more rapidly.

    • contessa says:

      I feel like the last two months have gone by at triple time. Yes we plan to cancel that card and I will be telling a supervisor why.

  6. rae says:

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear about your situation with the credit card. I’ve been with CIBC going on 30 years now and they have been nothing but super sympathetic and helpful in situations like this. When my card was compromised in Bulgaria and when an ATM ate my money in Maz, they went to bat for me and made sure I felt safe and not at fault. I’m completely shocked by how you were treated.

    • contessa says:

      We have been with CIBC for over 32 years so this was quite a shock to us. Maybe we got someone who was having a bad day. But both times that we called!!! Part of the problem is the Canadian privacy act and being that it is Colin’s card he has to answer there questions. He of course has no idea as to the answers as I do all the banking, etc. It just is not his thing.

  7. Hubbys RBC avion was compromised twice and they were fabulous to us as well. We do each have separate credit cards though as I am paranoid this will happen when we are away some where. I have an BMO Airmiles Mastercard that has never been compromised so not sure how they would be. Just be aware there is still lots of snow all over BC – I was in Nanaimo yesterday and it hailed, I was sure it was going to turn to snow but it didn’t thankfully.

    • contessa says:

      Yes I know about the snow, sadly! But we have to come home to do taxes before we fly off to Europe. Glad that you have 2 separate cards as well. I am thinking of switching to an Avion card.

  8. Maxx Trails says:

    We have a Canadian Royal Bank Visa and a US Royal Bank Visa. A few years ago, while we were away for the winter, our Canadian RBC card was used fraudulently to purchase two airline tickets. As soon as I called RBC they credited our account and apologized that it had happened, as well as sent out new cards. Today when I checked our statement I noticed they had charged us interest and since I pay the bill off each month I called to find out why. Of course it was my mistake, I transposed two numbers so I didn’t pay the full amount. Without me even asking I was told that they could see I paid the bill in full each month and it was obviously an honest mistake so they would reverse the interest charges! I honestly can’t say enough good things about our Royal Bank Visa card! On the other hand we only have a US account at the Royal Bank and I haven’t been overly impressed with the service we receive at the bank … they charge a fee if someone else deposits money to your account!

    I sure hope you get some down time before you head home 🙂

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