Mar 22, 2018

Another trip to town and more blog readers

We woke up to a new view.  These pieces of wood are being put into place to create shade for folks coming to the Isla during Semena Santa.  This is common but this is the first time though that I have seen it done on such a commerical scale.  Usually it is just a few kids or families creating these to rent out each day and make some extra income.

We had several errands in town so yesterday was the day. First stop was the bakery we go to just a block away from the mercardo for Colin’s muffins.  He needs a muffin with peanut butter to start his day.  We were totally blown away with the detail of this wall art.  Must have been done over the past few weeks.

Another surprise. The construction in front of the mercado is finally completed.  Love the look of the new road and of course the fresh paint on the building itself.  The road is not yet open to traffic but it won’t be long.

This particular eatery in the mercado is very popular. The other two next to it had no patrons at all.  When we went past about 90 minutes later it was still fully occupied.

Then we got to introduce Sandy and Rex, long time blog readers, to their first Tony shrimp burger.  Both couples split a burger and added a few fries.   Just as delicious as always.  We have been fortunate this year to see them a few times, the last two while we were in Rincon de Guayabitos.  Rex and Sandy were fortunate that I happened to have my smart phone with me and we were able to call Eric, our RV tech who was willing to go to their RV later in the afternoon to check about their RV problem.  Of course Eric fixed it :).  Tony himself took this photo.  I really like that I asked him to take it in this direction.

As we walked to Tippy Toes to get my bangs trimmed Colin spied this unusual palm tree.  Yes the leaves are that interesting color.  I also love the shape of the branches but alas no more room in my garden.

As we walked I saw this poor tree growing on the side of a wall attached to a drain pipe. Perhaps that is where it gets its water from.  That tree is determined to survive.

We then went to El Recreo where there was a 90 minute travelogue presentation on Paris, Spain and Lisbon.  It was interesting but we really did not learn anything.  Gosh I wish we had more free time.  We could put together some fabulous presentations from our various trips over the years.  We did one once on our trips to India and it was well received.  Excellent photos not taken with an iPhone or iPad make a huge difference in the quality of the photos especially when put up on a large screen.

Afterwards we headed to what used to be called the Beach Burger ( our first time this year ) for a fish burger.  I always order a margarita when out and then usually switch to wine while Colin orders a limonda natural.  Can you imagine my surprise when they brought me two?  Happy hour, of course 🙂

I was longing to get back to the peace of the Isla.

But for the first time in the nine years that we have been here, there was no lancha tied up at the dock.

Meanwhile we observed the fisherman getting ready to head out 30 km to the open sea in their tiny boats.  We saw extra fuel brought on board as well as large blocks of ice to keep the fish cold.  They were heading out at 5PM and would not return until about 8AM.  For all the time and energy expended, there is no guarantee that they would even catch any fish.  A difficult life indeed.  Those are shrimp boats in the background, now in dock for the season.

Yeah, two lanchas heading our way.

So good to be back home on the Isla.



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12 Responses to “Another trip to town and more blog readers”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get back to the peace and quiet of the Isla after a busy day.

  2. By looking at your pictures I could’ve sworn they were taken in Puerto La Cruise or Isla Margarita, Venezuela. We spent several months there over the years and loved it. I feel sorry for the poor fishermen. When we visited remote islands where the natives depended on their catch as an income we would bring gifts such as corn oil and coffee which were very expensive to buy for them. Often we would get a fresh fish as a thank you. Those burgers looked very appealing to me.

    • contessa says:

      Yes those fisherman work so hard. Here if you go down to the beach and help pull in the net you are offered a fish.

  3. That’s a great picture of the four of you at the market. I agree, real cameras do take nicer pictures, just not as convenient but I am certainly taking my big Canon to Europe. Hubby and the boys can take other pics with their phones and I can snap away getting the higher resolution shots

  4. Peter says:

    Another wonderful day in paradise! Gotta love that market food…

    • contessa says:

      So very fresh and it tastes like real food. Hard to eat produce from Safeway or similar once we get back home.

  5. SandyM says:

    Like the sunset with the palapa shade structures – we saw that happen in Teacapan years ago. Thank you for introducing us to Tony’s and now we wonder how we have missed him all these years. It is a good picture and we thank you for sharing – lovely short visit.

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    Such a beautiful place to spent the winter! That tree growing out of the drain pipe is amazing 🙂

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