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Mar 31, 2018

An Isla Good Friday

A most interesting day.


Mar 30, 2018

We took a chance and headed into Mazatlan

We all know that the big days here on the beach are Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday.  We really needed some groceries from the mercado before we leave Tuesday so we took the chance and left early Thursday morning and hoped that we would not have to wait in line coming back to the […]


Mar 29, 2018

We are turning into party animals

Jim has traveled to Mexico a lot in the past but always by air so he is now enjoying the country from a different perspective.  I received a comment from a blog reader asking me to keep an eye out for Gail and Jim.  She and Jim are cyber friends but have never met in […]


Mar 28, 2018

Twas a foggy start to the day



Mar 27, 2018

Enjoying the beach yesterday

While doing whatever we are doing to very slowly prepare to leave we are keeping an eye on the beach activity.  So fun to be here and to experience our third Semana Santa.   Many leave early as they are afraid of the crowds I guess.  We are people watchers. The evening went late and we […]


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