Feb 23, 2018

Nothing left

Totally done in this evening.

The weather remained cool and windy.  Other than our beach walk this morning I spent the entire day at the computer.  Colin literally brought me food and later in the day wine.  I only stopped about 20 minutes ago, it is 7:30PM now.  Time to prepare a gourmet meal featuring Mexican tuna steaks.  Hope they will be good as I am counting on them to be one of our main meals next winter.  First time we are trying these frozen steaks.

I am very tired but happy to say that all of our transportation within Europe has been booked.  Something with the train sites today that took over 2 hours just to book one particular leg of the journey.  I tried a few different sites online and the prices varied from 100 euros to 157 euros for the same trains.  I finally settled at 137 euros ( as the 100 euro fare totally disappeared ) and was happy.  That was for two of us on a first class 7 hour trip leg from Italy to France.

Regular scheduled blog posts will resume tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “Nothing left”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    I’m sure it feels satisfying to get that done 🙂 And I hope the tuna steaks were as good as you had hoped!

  2. Kathy Tycho says:

    I’ve looked at frozen tuna steaks. Let us all know how they turn out. I love tuna!

  3. Which websites were you using? Raileurope.ca is a good one but they are more than booking direct. I used them for years in the travel industry so trust them. I also tried booking direct on Trenitalia the other day but gave up. Will try again this weekend

  4. Peter says:

    Booking trains in France can be frustrating. I’ve done it twice only to be faced with a labor dispute and striking workers, all my booking were pointless and I ended up sitting on my suitcase stuck in Paris… But being stuck in Paris is not a bad thing.

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