Feb 22, 2018

Our A/C died!

It doesn’t matter now as we are freezing today.  We had a low of 69F last night and today it has been cool and very windy.  I had to wear a jacket on our beach walk today 😯  Certainly a first.

But about ten days ago the heat went from really nice and warm to very hot in just a few hours.  I was inside doing even more research and it was uncomfortable even with a fan on.   It was 90F inside  😥   So we turned the air conditioning on for the first time since late November.  Within five minutes it went thunk thunk and that was it.  Colin was able to establish that is was the actual fan that was not working as the compressor was still functioning.

It was the front air that was out, the bedroom was  still operational but I just could not visualize heading to the Las Vegas area the first week of April without having A/C.  Once past Vegas we would likely be using heat.  So what to do but call Eric and see if he could fix the problem.

He had warned us two years ago that both units were very rusty and he was amazed that they were still working.  Eighteen years of salt air will do that to an RV.  Colin went up there and confirmed that the unit was barely staying together.  He touched one of the fins with his finger and it disintegrated.

Fortunately Eric had a very used and rusty A/C fan that he had obtained last year and he thought that the fan should work in our unit.  There was so much rust that Eric had to build a new mounting plate so he had something to screw the new used fan into.

While working on the inside part of the A/C unit these two tiny white eggs fell out of the panel.  Gecko eggs???

This is the area the eggs fell out of.  We now have A/C again.  We will be bringing down two new A/C units to be installed next November.

This a Cinnamon Hummingbird.  They are larger than the regular hummingbirds.  This one is very aggressive and won’t share his food source.  He loves to sit on our white fairy lights.  A good spot to survey his area.

This was last evenings show.

It became very cool yesterday just around sunset.

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10 Responses to “Our A/C died!”

  1. Alan Brechin says:

    The only eggs I have ever seen that size were humming bird eggs at the Tucson Living Desert Museum. Coincidentaly you have a pic of a hummingbird in your blog. Not saying this is the case but maybe?????

  2. Glad you got your A/C working again. Ours isn’t working either, we need a new part for it that isn’t very expensive, just not sure whether we will be able to get it here in Mexico or not.

    The humming bird is beautiful.


  3. Sandie Dixon says:

    Our low was 37 last night. I’m really freezing. January was so warm and now February is so cold. Really???? Sure nice that he was able to make the old fan work for you because you will be needing that air before you get home.

  4. Linda & Russell says:

    We’re expecting 80 today in NE Tennessee…unseasonably warm for February. No a/c needed here yet but got my shorts out! Glad yours is up and running. We love hummingbirds…beautiful pic.

  5. At least it was a good thing that you needed the air conditioning now when it broke down. Imagine the thing quitting while you are traveling in Las Vegas with no immediate help to fix it. Excellent picture of the humming bird. I only ever see them flitting around the feeders and have never been able to capture one sitting still.

  6. Contessa says:

    It was a cool 65F at 7AM this morning. Pretty cold for Mazatlan in February.

  7. George Yates says:

    Nice that you git your Ac working again. We noticed some minor salt damage to our coach just for the 3 months we spent by the ocean there in 2009/10.
    Good luck with the new ac’s

  8. Peter says:

    Nice to have a repairman nearby. It sure looks like a couple of new air conditioners are needed. Hopefully the repair will hold…

  9. The Macgyver of RV techs lol. Definitely a gecko egg, very cool to see

  10. Jannose says:

    Weather has been perfect in PV. We are enjoying our stay. Too bad Mazatlan wasn’t closer.

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