Feb 20, 2018

Very special visitors

Yesterday long time blog readers Laura and Alan came to visit us here on the Isla.  Actually Alan has read every blog I have posted over the last ten years.  Colin and I had met Alan’s brother John and wife Pat at least 15 years ago while RVing in Mexico, long before I started writing a blog.  A wee anecdote, the four of us fed a new mama dog who was thin and needed food so she could feed her pups, on the beach in Guasave and Pat named her Tiger Lilly.  Pat and John came to visit us in Kelowna once.  Sadly John is no longer with us but now I have his brother in my life.  Interesting how things are connected.  Alan and Laura are thinking about maybe bringing their RV down here for a few weeks or a month next year or the year after.  So they figured they would fly into Mazatlan and make a point of meeting us at the same time as they checked out the RV park and the Isla.

Alan had tried to meet me on April 16, 2015.  You can read about what happened by reading this post.  If you read that post you will understand why it was so very special indeed to finally meet Alan and Laura yesterday.  First he drove out to try and find us on a dark and stormy night and then he flew here to meet us.  Not only that, they brought us a lovely bottle of my favorite wine all the way from Canada.

Alan reminds me so much of John and sounds like him.  Lovely Australian accent.  Laura is from Argentina and she spoke Spanish before she spoke English.  Yes those are very happy smiles you see.

I want to say a special hello to Elaine, Laura’s good friend for over 42 years ( I think I have that right ) who has also been reading my blog forever.  She started because of her love of dogs and of course our girls fell into that category.  Apparently she found my blog because of the Carmeh and Caeli.  I hope that you will still keep reading Elaine, now that our girls are gone.  Perhaps one day when we visit Laura and Alan we will also get to meet you or possibly if they come here in their RV for a bit you could fly down for a holiday.

So we chatted non stop for a very long while before finally getting ourselves into the Jeep.  We went on a mini tour of Stone Island.

All went well until we got to this section of the Isla.

The roads continue to be dug up as they put more and more sewer lines in.  There was no way we could go forward nor backward as a dump truck had stopped behind us.

But as is the way in Mexico things came together rather simply.  The grader saw our plight, backed up and cleared a path for us.

We conversed ceaselessly all afternoon.  Our luncheon ended up being an early dinner where we kept on sharing thoughts, discussing our lives and learning more about each other.  The hours simply flew.  We certainly made the best of a dreary beach day.

It is not often in life that one meets such extraordinary people whom you can call special friends in mere hours.  Cheers!

Thank you for early dinner and the marvelous day.

Sunset from the day prior to Laura and Alan’s visit.



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  1. George Yates says:

    What a great way to enjoy a day at the beach with special friends. Amazing how the lifestyle and blogging brings people together.

  2. Peter says:

    Wow, how nice. A perfect day, and a bottle of BC vino to boot!

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