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Feb 28, 2018

A mix of relaxation and work

Actually there was only 90 minutes of relaxation during my weekly massage this morning.   Before and after I continued to work online for our trip to Europe.  I actually even gave up my beach walk.  I really am trying to wrap things up so that I can have at least three ( I had hoped […]


Feb 27, 2018

Que Pasa

I forgot to mention in my first post this morning that the power outage was last evening and I did that quick post about that just this morning.  Sorry for the confusion. We did not have a sunset today, too many low clouds but it was a much warmer day than we have had in […]


Feb 27, 2018

Big Bang

The power slowly fizzled out as did the internet.  Even the cell system was out for a bit.  Hence no post.   Sorry, I should have said that this happened last night and I posted this this morning.


Feb 25, 2018

Run like the wind

There is not a day that goes by that we don’t talk about the girls and of course we continue to miss them.  Last February was the last time that they were able to run like the wind.  Days prior and certainly many after we had to use the dog stroller as we walked the […]


Feb 24, 2018

They came back….

…..and brought their friends. I sure hope so and that their friends come also.  What a great bunch of people 😎 They would make a wonderful addition to the RV park.  Standing on the left is Rod and sitting is Dave and of course that is Alan standing next to him.  Carol is next ( […]


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