Jan 31, 2018

Happy hour on the Isla

Yes that is right, we had a happy hour the very next day after we arrived back home.  Three of us, all side by side, went on road trips in January.

As you know we ( RV on the left ) went on a one week trip in our Jeep.  The folks in the middle flew to Oaxaca and did a bus trip to Puerto Escondido. They were gone three full weeks.  The folks in the Cougar along with friends of theirs from the back row went on an almost two week bus trip. They first stopped in Guadalajara and then moved on to Guanajuato and then to San Miguel de Allende for a few days.  Interesting that we were all gone at the same time at one point.

So the happy hour Monday evening was to share everything about the Guadalajara bus trip.  The folks who flew to Oaxaca only got back late yesterday evening.  Likely we would have also had a happy hour then, but it was cool and windy.

We were so happy to have a sunset Monday.

We really missed seeing the sunset while away.

It turned out to be one of those special ones.

So glad to be back on the Isla.

Apparently the weather was mostly cloudy and cool while we were away.  They also had some very windy days that sent the sand flying which would explain why everything was so very dusty and dirty.  Yesterday the clouds and coolness returned and it has not been nice today either.  However it was fun watching the surf and high tide.

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10 Responses to “Happy hour on the Isla”

  1. We are missing those get togethers on the Isla.

  2. George Yates says:

    Happy hours are always fun, nice to shared your experiences with friends and have a few laughs.

  3. Fabulous skies on your sunset shot, those colors are amazing

  4. Don & Kathy says:

    Really nice having ‘close’ neighbours. I think you have the nicest layout and best view, even from the motorhome. Of coarse you really cannot drive in a trailer. Love reading-seeing your daily posts.

  5. Nancy Hodgson says:

    Hi you two
    Think your neighbour’s would mind us getting some info from them about their trip?
    We are planning to head south in April for 10 days or so this year
    Have our house rented out , so not going back to Ontario till May

    Your vacation sounded fun too
    Maybe next year we will head that way


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