Jan 29, 2018

Two special events in one day

We started Friday with a short walk around the hotel.  There are many Indigenous people from Oaxaca in the area and they are most interesting with the their many varieties of dress and customs.  Then there are the wonderful crafts that they are selling

This fruit looked interesting but we did not buy it.  Can anyone identity it?

We had a short visit with Hanna and Bobbie whom we have not seen for 10 years.

They spent a few years with us in Acapulco but are now RV in Lo de Marcos.

Then we went to visit a few friends at Cruz Maria, another RV park in Lo de Marcos where we know several couples.  Lunch was with Donna and Bob. A few others were unable to make it at the last moment. We turned into this town which was the way to an unusual luncheon stop.

Had Bob not said to trust him I am not sure that we would have continued to follow him. We have never had to ford a river for lunch before.

Next came a long and dusty trail.

Up and down hills and around several corners.

And then suddenly there was this vista.  There is one lone umbrella on that lovely beach.

This was the restaurant we were having lunch at in the middle of nowhere or so it seemed.  Donna, Bob and us were the only customers.  It has a good menu and everything is pristine.  The bathrooms had stalls with doors, toilet seats and electric hand dryers.  Totally first class but so very far away from everything.  It took us at least 30 minutes to drive there from the turn off.  No one goes there.  There are some rumors that it is a money laundering place.

What a view!

If it were not so far to drive to, nor on such a bad road, it would be the ideal place to spend several hours,often. You could walk the beach forever.  It is between Lo de Marcos and Guayabitos but you would be unable to find it without a guide.

On the way back we had to pull over to let these trucks pass. No idea where they were going as the restaurant is at the end of the road.

We stopped to enjoy the view before we descended into the valley. Sadly I did not get a photo of Donna and Bob this time.  I was preoccupied by the location.  Great lunch.  We will be seeing them here in March before they head home.

Who knew that a dusty little village held such a secret lunch location.

We were only back in the hotel to relax for an hour before changing and heading out to meet other friends.  Now that is a margarita!  Lots of ice though.

Dinner at Penida Restaurant in Guayabitos with Roger, Chris, Kathleen, Ron and us.  That was a fun evening. Lots of laughing and chatting.  Roger and Chris on the left are staying in Cruz Maria in Lo de Marcos while Kathleen and Ron are staying in the La Penita RV park.

Once we got back to the hotel and parked, we went for a long walk to help digest all the wonderful food we had eaten all day.  A full day indeed but we had such a great time visiting with everyone.

In real time we got back to the Isla about 5PM yesterday.  We had an interesting drive back and I will share that with you over the next few days.


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18 Responses to “Two special events in one day”

  1. Kathleen Landis says:

    Very nice to catch up with you two, Contessa and Colin. Glad you had a safe travel back to the Isla. We will see you again soon.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    That picture of the valley looks like the Okanagan Valley 🙂

  3. rae says:

    Jackfruit! As a vegetarian, you should be very excited as it is a stellar meat substitute! http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/how-to-make-jackfruit-a-stand-out-substitute-for-meat/

  4. Marlene says:

    Contessa, just saw your post and “Rae” beat me to the reply. Yes Jackfruit. I know this because I eyed it two weeks ago at the Food Basics Supermarket here in Leamington. I don’t know how to prepare it or how it would taste. We’ve got a lot of Mexicans here working in the greenhouses so I would have to ask them because I doubt any of our locals are familiar with it.

  5. What a fantastic beach! I want to go!!!!

  6. George Yates says:

    What a fun time your are having with friends , nice to get out and about again.

  7. Peter says:

    What a nice few days travelling. The beach restaurant looks amazing.

  8. The fruit is called here Yaka (or Yaca) and is Jackfruit. We bought it last week in San Blas. It is delicious. I think it taste like a crossover between peaches and papaya. Sweet.

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