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Oct 23, 2017

The leather man finally came

While he was there Colin asked if he could repair two areas on the Jeep.  He quoted a price and said he could do it in about two weeks but it had to be a day with no rain.  Well you can’t guarantee that and we are leaving shortly.  So I sweet talked him into […]


Oct 22, 2017

The latest

I hope you enjoyed my last non computer post on Mommio.  It was fun to write.  Thanks for all your comments.   Life is so sad for some of our elderly. Once again several hours this past Wednesday were taken up with computer issues. My day started with a visit to Mr Geek Manager who said […]


Oct 19, 2017

A visit with Mommio

I can’t believe that I am writing this post so far past the date of Colin’s visit to see his Mom.  I really need to take control of my life or of a certain machine in my life  😳   Colin spent three days visiting Mommio from Sept 9th – 11th.  This was the first […]


Oct 18, 2017

Guess what?

I can’t post tonight.   Why??   Computer issues of course 😈  😯  👿  😥


Oct 17, 2017

Making some progress…..

…but I need your input. A quick recap.  Our internet service provider Shaw who also happens to be our satellite TV provider showed up yesterday ( Monday ) morning promptly at 8AM.  We have had the same fellow here just this past September when we upgraded from internet 30 to internet 75 at no extra […]


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