Sep 30, 2017

Que pasa

Hard to believe that this is the last post for September.  I think the saying, that as we age, time moves faster, is very true.  The month has passed in a blur. Today was a day of errands.  First stop was to visit my favorite techs.  Can’t remember if I told you that I bought another printer last Tuesday, a wireless one.  I think our old printer which is perfect and does a great job is not compatible with my new computer.  I could not get it to work so I bought a new one.  I never had time when I got it home to open it until yesterday.  I should explain that I was shown how to set it up and took precise notes.  However the power cord was not in the box nor the connection cord from the printer to the computer.  I distinctly remember the fellow carefully winding them up.  I guess they somehow never made it into the box.  Colin found other cords today but I still was unable to get it to work on the wifi/wireless setting.

So off I went to visit my favorite techs. Why do people park like this?

I found the perfect parking spot 🙂 No one was going to bang my doors today.

Both of these photos were taken with my iPhone but it took me a very long while to get them transferred to my desktop.  Something wrong with an email setting which I will reset when I have an extra moment.  So I picked up the cords I needed and was told that my printer was now on sale and I was eligible for a $44.80 refund.  Done 😀  I also mentioned how much trouble I was having trying to set up the printer.  Mr Manager offered to have someone come out to my home at no charge next week to set it up.  My day was getting better 😎  Earlier today Colin called to have someone come out to do the set up @ $95.00, now cancelled.

After I quick stop to pick up some pesos that I had previously ordered, I stopped at Starbucks in the mall to pick up a decaf coffee on a free gift card.  The purpose of this photo is to show how small the quiche is compared to the size of a bagel and is selling for $6.25.  Who pays that kind of money for a few bites of quiche?

Yes I am aware that the photo is turned.  I redid it several times and it insists on staying turned.  I decided that if I wanted to complete this post tonight that I just have to move on.  This was also taken with my iPhone so I suspect this is the cause of the problem.  Next time I will bring my camera with me.  My brain can’t take too much more of this technical stuff 😯

Next stop was Michaels.  Colin and I are flying to Winnipeg the end of October to celebrate Mommio’s  103rd birthday.  I wanted to pick up a few things to brighten up her room.  You will have to wait and see what I got until I post about it.  Yes I do know that I still haven’t done the post of Colin’s recent visit and that will come very soon. I got some great deals there as a few things were on sale and I had picked up a 50% coupon off a flyer this morning.  Lucky find for me as that alone saved me $15.00 on one item.  More shopping at Walmart for things we will need in Mexico.  The last stop before I headed home was to pick up some batteries for my Fitbit Zip.  Sometimes a battery will last 3 months but the last one lasted just 3 weeks.  I asked about that and the guy at the battery store said that the problem was with my device.  I don’t think so.  Anyway he gave me $1.00 off each battery so that was another $8.00 saved.  In total I saved $94.60 today including the printer refund but not including the $95.00 we saved by not having a hired tech come to our home.  A good shopping day indeed.  Plus I got a coupon for 10% off my next order of printer ink as well as a 40% coupon off at Micheals.  I will be returning to buy something for Mommio.

Once I was safely unloaded the sky opened.  The rain was so strong that it was bouncing off the lake.

Thanks for all your comments about Colin’s photo in my last post.  He does this with every photo he takes.  It is 8:25PM as I type and he has been sitting at his computer since 6AM with only a break to grab a snack to eat at his desk.  I have mentioned that we are retiring next year but he will never truly retire.  As long as someone wants to hire him he will work.  However he will no longer take a job because we need to, rather he will chose jobs that inspire his creativity with the subject to be photographed.  There may also be a fee increase to make it worth our while 😉

The back of the same home.  Created by compiling 17 photos.  No one else that we are aware of uses this technique.  The pool is green as they have green underwater lights.

Time to go make us some dinner.  Thanks for stopping in and as always your comments are very appreciated.

I just realized that three different cameras were used in this post 😆


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16 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. George Yates says:

    Gotta love it when you can save all that money. Now the retirement things next year is a good choice, enjoy as much more of this lovely lifestyle and more travels for you as well.

  2. Ann says:

    has Colin thought about using a drone instead of a helicopter some of them take great pictures

    • contessa says:

      A drone would have to be top of the line, around $5,000.00, to come even close to what Colin’s quality of aerial photography would be. Most of the areas he need s to photograph would not allow a drone to fly. As it is he often needs to get permission from the airport tower to be flying in a particular area. There are good pictures and there are great pictures, huge difference. All of Colin”s photos need to be able to blow up to billboard size with no distortion or graininess.

  3. rae says:

    Your battery issue is probably related to your device… I can’t believe how awful and unreliable the Fitbit is considering its popularity. I’ve had nothing but issues with mine. I was also getting battery drain and the reason was because I had my settings on “all day sync.” I would uncheck that and then go for days on a charge then my Fitbit would start draining again — because the all day sync checked itself on its own. *sighs* Having major trouble today — can’t sync or log activities because they’re having trouble with their website again. I’m so disappointed and wish I’d gone with a different brand. 🙁

    I bet the guy in the truck parked after the guy in the car and he backed in so that his driver’s side door wouldn’t hit the car. Cute parking job on your part, but I hope that wasn’t the day they were planning to empty the dumpsters! 😀

    As for Starbucks, their food prices are insane and the food is pretty bad. No idea why anyone buys it.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for the info re the Fitbit. I will look into the settings part of it. They weren’t dumpsters but onsite offices for mall renos and they were not working Saturday.

      • rae says:

        Those containers are offices?!

        I mentioned on the Fitbit community forum yesterday how little they understand their customer base if they don’t realise that we rely on our devices in our routine. I was shocked by how much support I got for that. I’m not the only one thinking of jumping ship. Going on three days now that I can’t manually log activities. *grr*

        • contessa says:

          Yes offices, there are doors to go in and out of. Lots of container stuff happening around here, offices, homes in Fort Mac. Can’t comment about Fitbit as I am too busy dealing computer issues.

  4. Well done on your savings! Technology is ever so frustrating and seems to get more each year. Glad Colin is not totally hanging up his photography hat. I would highly suggest if he wants to pick and choose what he does to increase his rates (even if he charges a lot now), that way he gets paid really well for what work he does choose to do. This seems to be the exact opposite of what people normally do but I am telling you – they will pay more for him. We did that after we realized we could only work with a handful of clients each year, and yet they will pay whatever they need to hire us. I can see later in life hubby only working with one or two of our favorite clients.

    • contessa says:

      I knew that you would approve of the savings 🙂 Thanks for confirming what we suspected financially. I see it as extra money to travel more.

  5. chris says:

    I would enjoy driving a luxury car but because of rude people and bad roads I just can’t justify it. I prefer to rent a luxury car now and then and it takes care of my desire. I like my little VW Pointer that seems to just zoom zoom zoom through all the traffic.

    • contessa says:

      We didn’t buy the Lexus to be a luxury car but rather a safe car for me. After my accident safety has been primary. The Z3 had a roll bar and the Lexus is built like a tank. Our original plan was that it would be our forever car but now that we have the Jeep we will likely sell the Lexus in a few years and the Jeep as our only car. So great that it is also our tow vehicle.

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    Amazing photography work, such talent!! I was so happy, or really not so happy, to hear about your Fitbit Zip battery … I thought there was something wrong with mine. It would go through batteries every two weeks and I was just about to take it back to London Drugs when it fell off my belt and a car ran over it 🙁 Now after hearing about yours I’m not sure I should replace it with the same thing.

    • contessa says:

      If I have time I am going to call Fitbit tomorrow and ask about this. Now that you have mentioned the same problem it is time to investigate.

  7. Paul says:

    Wonderful photos! I think that Colin
    Is a fantastic photographer!

  8. Contessa says:

    Thank you Paul.

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