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Aug 25, 2017

Fire update

I was trying to do a full post but the night got away from me. So I will just give you an update on the fire situation.  It was like a miracle in that the temperatures went down to 5C/41F overnight and the winds remained calm.  This helped immensely in dealing with the fire.  While […]


Aug 24, 2017

Serious fire happening now

We got back from our trip, more on that another day. Meanwhile I just looked up from my desk and saw this………the wind is blowing it east along our hills and very quickly. It is getting larger fast. You can see how strong the wind is based on the white caps on our lake.   […]


Aug 22, 2017

We went to see the eclipse

Here in Kelowna it was to be 86% coverage.. The local Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Okanagan Centre (RASCOC)  were handing out  the appropriate eye ware to view the eclipse plus set up six telescopes.  The event was to go from 9AM to noon but by 8:30AM all the eye ware had been handed out. […]


Aug 21, 2017

We went to the opera, again.

Last Saturday, Opera Kelowna had its fourth full opera performance.  Opera is young here in our small city but  so very well received.  They now have one full performance per year.  I only discovered the Kelowna Opera society last year and we attended The Magic Flute last year.  This year they moved to a larger […]


Aug 19, 2017

Que pasa

Thanks for all of your comments the past few posts.  I really appreciate them and most especially the ones dealing with tips on using my new iPhone.  For those of you who have one and didn’t see all the comments you might want to go back and read the tips.  And if you have more […]


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