Aug 26, 2017

Where did we go on our mini trip?

We flew to Edmonton last Tuesday morning.  This was my annual trip to see my outstanding chiropractor.  He is one of three in all of North America that uses this type of diagnostic treatment.  This particular process was invented by a doctor in Australia and is taught only in Europe.  I believe that this was my third time in three years to see him.  Somehow I thought it was my fourth but my blog posts tell me otherwise.  The first time we went together in the RV with the girls in 2015, Carmeh was still semi paralyzed at the time.  Then in 2016 I went on my own and Colin had to say home with the girls.  So this time we went together.

I found a deal on the hotel @ $150.00 rather then the usual $200.00 per night, a 150 Canada celebration price.  The hotel is only 3 long blocks from the chiropractors office and the shuttle from the airport stops right there.  It worked perfectly for me last year traveling on my own.  This year I had a companion pass from our Westjet Mastercard that had to be booked by the end of June so I talked Colin into coming with me.  The companion pass is $99.00 and is good for anywhere in Canada or the US.  It was only good for a year and needed to be booked by the end of June.  So we used it for this short trip.  Hopefully next year we can use it for a trip to New York.  Now this is where I am supposed to dazzle you with the facts except I can’t find my figures anywhere.  Colin only paid $99.00 for his fare but he paid a heck of a lot more on taxes, etc.  It was ridiculous.  I am so disappointed in myself for having lost those numbers.

While we are talking money have a look at the hotel bill.  Destination marketing fee, tourism levy and finally the government GST tax.  $18.41 in taxes for one night.

But we had a great time.  The shuttle dropped us a the hotel and we checked in right away.  Great room but the beds have grown taller since the last time I was there.  I could barely get onto the bed.

We went for a late breakfast/brunch, a long walk and then our first appointment at 4PM.  We were both seeing Dr. McKenna and he spent a good deal of time with us.  He is an amazing guy and I am so grateful to Maria, our Edmonton massage gal who used to work in Mazatlan for years and years who referred me to him.  We miss her so much.

After another long walk we ended back at the hotel in time for the complimentary wine and cheese event from 5:30 – 6:30PM.

They were serving a lovely rose and a red wine. Love the words on the label.   I could do with a Long Weekend Wine everyday:)

Then I turned the bottle and saw the front label.  How cool is that?  But I have to honestly say that the Rose was just okay.  Nice VQA from the Niagara region.  Colin thought the red was very good.

There was no limit to the amount of wine one could have. There was a full array of cheeses to taste, at least eight or nine varieties plus the usual crackers, grapes and a few other tidbits.  We were not at all ready for dinner so we went for yet another long walk along Whyte Avenue.

I’m not at all certain what the silver piece of art represented but I certainly loved the words beneath it.  Something we should all take to heart.

We then popped into a very fun store that had all sorts of oddities and funny things.  The shop was called ‘When Pigs Fly’ and of course they did have a section of flying pigs.  We did buy one for someone but I can’t tell you who as that person reads my blog.

I am sure that many of you would agree with this plaque.

This could be saved for one of those extreme days.

Loved this full size margarita glass float.

In order to get outdoor patio space restaurants rent temporary sidewalk space.  The curb lane becomes the extended sidewalk.  They must pay a lot for the privilege to do so as the means the parking meters along that section of the sidewalk/road are no longer operational meaning less street parking not to mention less revenue for the city.  But it seems to work and the restaurants with outdoor sidewalk seating were full with lines waiting to get in.

I could not help but notice the upended bottles in these large drink glasses.  I didn’t see this on any other table as we walked past.  Interesting.

The same restaurant has this sign outside the door.  Good advertising.

From here we ended up at the edge of the Fringe Festival so we just kept walking and exploring.  More about that in my next post.



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18 Responses to “Where did we go on our mini trip?”

  1. Jannose says:

    Sorry we were not able to meet up with you guys. Next time you might have to stay longer! Glad you had a good time. Love Whyte Ave. I should have told you about Chiantis, an Italian restaurant that has great prices on pasta and happy hour Monday and Tuesday nights. Nice patio as well!

  2. George Yates says:

    Nothing quite like a nice trip together enjoying the sights and seeing your chiropractor for a tune up. Enjoy.

  3. Angela says:

    The silver art piece looks like a fortune cookie to me.

  4. Suzanne says:

    The silver art-form is a fortune cookie, and the saying beneath it is the fortune…

  5. Shelagh says:

    Where is your fitbit??? Whyte street looks really nice.

    • contessa says:

      Whyte Avenue is a wonderful place to stroll, you can never spend enough time there. I did just a few steps under 12,000 without trying.

  6. Ah, Whyte Ave in Summer, always fun. I used to work at the Greek restaurant Yiannis on Whyte Ave when I was 18 years old, likely when I fell in love with Greek food

    • contessa says:

      I had forgotten that you grew up there. We walked into that restaurant and looked at the menu and somehow never got back to it later when it was time to eat.

  7. Dee Tillotson says:

    The “silver piece of art” is in the shape of an old change receptacle attached to Coke vending machines of the 1950s and 60s. However, it lacks the lip around the outer edge to keep the change from falling out of the receptacle and the word “Coke” is not stamped on it. As intended, it is an art facsimile.

    • Contessa says:

      It could be that Dee, I have no idea. However the more I look at it I really don’t think it is a fortune cookie, at least not like the one we have in Canada.

  8. chris says:

    Speaking of the banana and the whiskey, have you seen the UKs new guidelines for alcohol? OMG! 140ml per week. That’s barely three shots of alcohol. Measure your wine and see how many units they are recommending per week now! Shocker!

    • Contessa says:

      There is no way Chris that I would even consider measuring my wine intake. It is what it is and besides my blood work is 100%. When I saw my doctor a few months ago she told me to keep doing what I was doing 🙂

  9. SandyM says:

    Not sure what the silver piece is or the size; it does not look like a “fortune cookie” to me. My first thought was that it sure is a neat hard taco holder ???

    • Contessa says:

      I like the taco holder idea, particularly as we had fish tacos for dinner last night 🙂 It was large maybe 10 x 12 inches, I can’t recall exactly.

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