Jul 31, 2017


Mother Nature gifted us this morning with a heron standing just off our beach.  I watched it for a long time but then had to go to work.  A great way to start the day.

We are once again surrounded by smoke both by smell and visually.

My work space was somewhat overwhelming today.

The view away from the lake.

Facing the lake late in the afternoon.  In a word, horrific.  However no where near as bad as those directly affected by the fires but enough to create a discussion on how drastically our environment has changed since we moved here in 2003.

Not enough to make us move but certainly enough to discuss the possibility and options.


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10 Responses to “Contrasts”

  1. George Yates says:

    Hopefully someday the weather will clear and the flooding and fires will stop.

    • contessa says:

      Well the flooding is over, other than the ground water issues. However they expect several more weeks of fire issues.

  2. Steve says:

    I could not believe the man they caught walking around setting fires with a blow torch. I would think days spent smelling that kind of smoke would be a little stressful. Do you get headaches from it? Great view from your office desk … I’m not sure I could get any work done with a view like that. LOL

    • contessa says:

      They had the man in court yesterday and he is now having pysch testing done.

      The smoke makes my eyes sting but no headaches. By 1PM we usually have to turn the AC on just to be able to breathe.

  3. Love the picture of the heron and the flowers! We are even getting some of that smoke here at our park in Saskatchewan. Our sun last night looked much like the colour of the sun in your picture. When it looks like that you know that there is smoke in the air. It is actually raining here this morning, not sure it will be enough to remove our fire ban though.


  4. I wonder if there is anywhere that doesn’t have smoke in BC right now except the coast due to the ocean breezes. We are getting the extreme temperatures this week as well, making things tinder dry again, supposed to by 36 degrees by Thursday

    • contessa says:

      If both Vancouver & Victoria have smoke, you may be next. Yss we are told to expect temps in the 40’s here. 36C for you is very hot.

  5. rae says:

    Loved the heron pic!

    You might want to get a folding table for overwhelming days like this if you don’t want a bigger desk up all the time… I used a 6′ folding plastic one (the kind that you can find at Costco, hardware stores, Office Depot, etc.) as my desk for a bit here and it was great — the perfect height to use with a computer chair. Then it folds up for easy storage.

    As for the fires, I just hope charges are filed and really severe punishments are meted out.

    • contessa says:

      Actually Rae I think I would just prefer less work to do and that is coming soon. Well I hope so. But we do have similar tables in the RV should I need one. I think that those who are caught starting fires should have jail time, have to pay the cost of putting the fire out and perhaps even be brought to the firel ines and forced to help put out a fire.

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