Jul 27, 2017

Early Music Concert

Just now as I was trying to get online my computer appeared to die.  I knew my mouse batteries were low so I changed those but still the computer would not work.  I kept typing but nothing appeared.  I restarted the computer twice.  Now what?  Just for the heck of it I also changed the batteries for the keyboard and all is well again.  What are the chances of all four batteries wearing out at the same time?  I know I need a new computer but please God not this year.

I guess I should have prayed more last night 😉   We went to the Vernon All Saints Anglican Church to attend an Early Music Instrumental Concert.  The featured player was Alan Rinehart, a very well know Canadian involved in all aspects of classical guitar from performing internationally as well as here in Canada to teaching and composing.  He was just nominated for the Classical Artist of the Year by the Western Canadian Music Awards.  You can read more about Alan and his numerous accomplishments here.

During the time we are here in Canada in the summer, when Colin has some spare time, he will take a few lessons from Alan.  I have met him a few times in the past, once at another concert and more recently last summer when Alan purchased my Z3.

The first half of the concert was music from 1535 to the late 1600’s, all featuring Alan.  The acoustics in the church were fabulous however the wooden pews were most uncomfortable.

After intermission we were treated to four sonatas from the mid 1600’s played by Oko Baroquo, Vernon’s own period music ensemble.  Featured were a bassoon, a viola, a violin and an organ and at times a harpsichord.

Then Alan accompanied two singers, an alto and a bass as they sang ‘Flow my Tears’ by John Dowland ( 11563 – 1626 ).  Very well done.

The last number was played by Alan and the ensemble.  This final sonata was composed by Giuseppe Scarani.  He was a Carmelite monk who served as a singer from 1629 to about 164o at St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice.  Just about 388 years before we visited there.

It was a lovely evening.  We had a big day ahead of us today but somehow we ended up talking till midnight.  Colin has now been gone close to 13 hours and I hope to see him within the hour.  Three photo shoots, errands and a few meetings for him while I got caught up at my desk today.  I actually even cleaned it, meaning I went through every paper on each of the many piles.  Some things were thrown out and others set aside to discuss over the weekend.  When I cleaned out my Dad’s home in Edmonton while he was in hospital I came across  box after box of paper work.  He even had a specific box for each of us four kids.  In my box were the travelogues ( starting in 2004 ) I had emailed to my family as we traveled in the RV complete with photos.  My sister would print them out for my parents.  My Dad had saved every single printed email for me right up to when I started this blog in 2010.  A wonderful gift of our early travels.  It would be lovely to incorporate them into a blog but it would take much too much time not to mention energy.  There is also a thick envelope of photos which include my first communion, a trip to Montreal with my Grandmother in my early teens, my grade 12 graduation photo with my date and every single letter I had written to them over the last thirty years.  In each envelope are the photos I sent of our life, of our homes, of parties and precious photos of all four of our girls, simply everything I wrote and sent to them to make them be a part of our lives as we lived far away.  All of this has been sitting in a corner of my desk  for the last few years waiting for me to do something.  So now the pile is on the kitchen counter where something will have to be done, but what?

A lovely sunset this evening. It is not often that we have such a deep color in the sky.  I can smell smoke so I speculate that the smoke particles might have something to do with the color.


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  1. Perhaps a future project…maybe consider scanning all the photos and letters so you can have them and access them anytime without taking up space? You could keep them backed up to dropbox/the cloud or a stick (wherever you backup all Colin’s photos). I know I have boxes of photos under the house that I need to do the same and get rid of all the old photo albums

  2. Kim and Don says:

    Why not photograph your momentos and have them reproduced into a to a type of IBook ( hard cover… )
    A few people I know do a yearly one….

  3. Jannose says:

    What a special gift from your father!

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