Jul 25, 2017

Mini update & a few tidbits

So today I called the Lake Country Fire Station where I had left a message yesterday and they said that they had called the park manager yesterday and were told that all was under control.  Not!  I then called the Kelowna Fire Station which is where our taxes go but they are much further away.  The Lake Country Station is the official first responder to our park due to their proximity.  I spoke to two people at the Kelowna Fire Station before being transferred to the bylaw officer.  She said that there is no bylaw about cleaning your driveway with gasoline so she could do nothing.  I asked if she could write a letter and she said no.  Eventually she decided that she could speak to someone who knew someone who owned the land we are on and perhaps they could speak to my moron of a neighbor.  By the way check out the definition of the word moron.

…or just read it here.  I think this describes my neighbor perfectly.

This is all that is left of my two dozen anniversary roses. They lasted a full week.

As the fire departments were not too forth coming we sent a letter to the manager of our park this morning.  We reminded him that not five weeks ago we had asked him to speak to the moron about the use of gasoline.  At that time we were told that out neighbor had been read the riot act.  I guess he has a short memory.  We also suggested a letter with the possibility of a fine if it happens again.  We got a quick reply and the letter will be written with the threat of a heavy fine and will be delivered in person tomorrow by the manager 😀   Seriously it is our home on the line.

No idea what type of beetle this was but is was large and ugly.  It was at least 3 inches long.

Sadly I have not had a moment today to address the lost dog and child situation.  Colin joined me for my walk today and that took us out of the park.  Today is my 13th day in a row with over 10,000 steps 😛

On that same walk where we found the beetle ( a few days ago, not today’s walk, more on that tomorrow )I caught some new babies.  These were less than 2 inches, almost walnut like, so very cute and extremely fast, almost impossible to photograph.  The quail here in the park often have two sets of chicks over the summer.

This plaque has hung on our gate since we moved here in 2012 and is now well weathered.

I bought a new one for Colin for his birthday and we finally hung it today.  I prefer the word beach but there was nothing I could find.


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3 Responses to “Mini update & a few tidbits”

  1. Steve says:

    In my local area we substitute ‘moron’ with ‘inbred’ …. they are everywhere. Lucky for me the one next door (down over the hill) moved out 3 years ago. 🙂

  2. Dolores T says:

    Boy!! There r allot of words for moron, hahahaha, dolt, nincompoop…. That is one ugly bug!
    My dad used to clean the driveway with gasoline, but on a rag .. to get up oil, never just poured it on so it could get in ground water or kill plants/grass and then he knew something was wrong with the vehicle parked there and would fix it! So it did not continue leaking…. AND there was not the fire issue that u guys r living with AND we lived in the country and not anywhere near close to neighbors that objected… So I guess not the same at all…..

  3. lucy says:

    Hi Contessa, regarding the doggie situation could the Humane Society, or another animals protective service help you out with ?

    My regards, Lucy.

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