Jul 24, 2017

A rather high stress day for me

Colin was off early about 7:30AM and is not back till about 9 – 10 PM tonight.  I was up early with him and had a good long walk.  It is easier to walk earlier in the morning when it is cool.

The smoke seems to have cleared for the most part and as you can see we have hot weather in the forecast.

I has a visitor for a bit this morning, someone who wanted to see our home as she has hired the same builder and really wanted to see inside of ours.  Turns out that all she really wanted to see was the view and wasn’t really interested in the construction and all the extras we had done.  The builder himself had brought someone over last Friday for the same reason and that person merely acknowledged the view but was more interested in all the special things that we had done with our home and what might work in their home.  When we first moved in we had many people asking to see our home but we only let them through if they were dealing with our builder.  We haven’t had anyone through for over a year until now.

As she was leaving ( she was alone as her husband was working as Colin was ), I spied a lost dog wandering down our street.  This is the third time I have seen this young red colored Pomeranian lost and meandering alone in the last week.  It is unique in that its tail is pink, just that the last 6 – 7 inches.  The last time we saw the person carrying the dog she told us that it was from site #314.  So today I knew where it belonged but first we had to catch it.  We, being me and two neighbors across the street from us.  Once caught you could see that the dog was not being cared for, its hair was matted and it was very skittish if you touched its rear legs or back end.  I fear it has been hit a lot.  Our friend took it over to #314 and said that the dog, a male, began to shake as it was returned to the two little and I mean little as in 6 years old and maybe 3 or 4 year old girls.  There were no adults present.  Between just three of us on this street which is two blocks away from #314 we counted at least 8 times that the dog was been lost and found in the last week.  Over the past month that I have been walking I had observed a new puppy and the rough playing of a very young child with this dog.  I can’t recall seeing an older child but I have seen a man every now and then.  Obviously there is a problem.  The dog should have a tag with the site number or a phone number.  There is now a dog pen of sorts, at first there was only a rope tied to a tree and to the dog.  I don’t know if these people are renting for a few weeks or the summer or own the site or ???  What I do know is that there is a problem?

As always I have to ask, should I or should I not get involved?  I think rather then hone in on two young kids being left alone that I should try and catch an adult on the site and bring up the number of times that the dog has been missing in the last week and the fact that I don’t get out much after my early morning walk yet I have seen it wandering about.  Already there is someone on my street who is willing to take the dog if the owners don’t really want it.  I shall have to tread very very carefully.

Not an hour later while at my desk I began to smell gas.  It turns out the my next door neighbor, the one closest to our home, was cleaning his driveway with gasoline.  The fumes permeated my house and I was soon nauseous.  It took close to three hours for the smell to dissipate.  I was most concerned.  This was a fire hazard.  Look at the temperatures we are dealing with this week.  Did the idiot use a wire brush?  A spark, a fire and another disaster.  For certain there could have been a major fire incident.  I made several calls but the incident has not been addressed to my satisfaction.  At this point I can’t say more.  Colin is home tomorrow and we will pursue and insist on a proper end to this incident.  This type of occurrence should not be allowed in an RV park.  All I can add is that this is the second time this had happened in the last six weeks that we know about.  Obviously the first time that it was addressed did not make an impression on the guy living next door.

…….and some of you wonder why I drink wine 😯

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7 Responses to “A rather high stress day for me”

  1. Kay says:

    Have another wine… or, get a bat and start batting balls around the park. Call Animal people on the pup deal and call the FIRE DEPT and ask them if they can like send a letter to the man using gas to clean his driveway. Perhaps the Environmental people might like hearing and seeing the situation for what it is… a highly risky dangerous situation!

  2. There is no shortage of fools…

  3. Croft Randle says:

    Yes, clean your driveway with gasoline in a high risk forest fire zone. Smart!

  4. Dolores T says:

    This makes my heart sad, why, oh why, can’t people be responsible??

  5. Nancy Hodgson says:

    wine??? I ‘d be more inclined to a few shots of tequila
    got shake you head

    happy belated to Colin……we were away and had really poor internet (wifi)

    my dad had a tenant who looked at the gas level in his lawn mower with a lighter …….what

    can I say about that out come……..some people are idiots

  6. Upriverdavid says:

    Tripple your insurance..Load up the vehicles..Go next door and ask him/her for a light from 15′ away…maybe 20’….

  7. OMG I cannot believe someone was so stupid as to clean their driveway with gasoline! Unfortunately there is one born every single day like that

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