Jul 22, 2017

It’s time to celebrate

Happy birthday Colin.  Sixty seven years young.


Photos taken over the last twelve months.

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18 Responses to “It’s time to celebrate”

  1. SandyM says:

    Happy Birthday, Colin, there is still time for ice cream and maybe a little cake to celebrate the day.

  2. chris says:

    Lookin’ good Colin! Happy 67 years young!

  3. Ann says:

    Happy Birthday Collin. May you have many, many more.

  4. George Yates says:

    Happy Birthday Colin hope you had an awesome day!

  5. Connie & Barry in DE says:

    Happy birthday to you, Colin! May you enjoy many, many more!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Don & Kathy says:

    And many, many more years of such wonderful memories to come.

  7. Jannose says:

    Happy birthday to you! Colin and I both hope you have an awesome day and a great year go come!

  8. Bob McLean says:

    Happy Birthday to Colin. May he enjoy many more.

  9. Suzanne says:

    I am late to the party, but “Happy Belated” to Colin! Hope you two are finding ways to celebrate among what has been a challenging summer. I look forward to hearing how he spent his celebratory day. (Hopefully with a call to Mommio in there somewhere!)

  10. KenB says:

    Happy Birthday Colin old buddy. 67 is a great age to retire. I retired at 67 and promptly set out on another 16 years of RVing which is how we met U2. Have a wonderful day contemplating the rest of your life’s pleasures. Cheers KenB

  11. Happy birthday Colin. Enjoy!

  12. Shelagh says:

    Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day celebrating. Cheers.

  13. Janet Ashworth says:

    Sesenta y siete cumpleanos feliz!

  14. Maxx Trails says:

    Happy Birthday Colin 🙂

  15. susie says:

    Happy Birthday Colin! Cheeers! R&S

  16. Rae says:

    I cannot believe Colin is 67! Happy belated birthday to him and anniversary to the two of you!

  17. Dolores T says:

    Happily, Happily, Merrily, Merrily, have a GREAT day!!

  18. Rod & Sylvia says:

    Happy Birthday! It’s been a busy time regarding Celebrations for you two.

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