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Jul 31, 2017




Jul 30, 2017

Was it Sunday today?

Gosh I feel like I have been camping out at my desk.  It was a work day for both of us.   My morning walk did not go well as it was too hot to walk by the time I got going.  Here I am at 7:35PM and still have 3500 steps to walk not to […]


Jul 29, 2017

Photos and captions

Thank you for your suggestions as to how to deal with all of our old paperwork and photos.  I think the best way to deal with the six years of travelogues that my Dad saved for me is to have them collated into mini books.  There is way too much material to scan.  I will […]


Jul 27, 2017

Early Music Concert

Just now as I was trying to get online my computer appeared to die.  I knew my mouse batteries were low so I changed those but still the computer would not work.  I kept typing but nothing appeared.  I restarted the computer twice.  Now what?  Just for the heck of it I also changed the […]


Jul 26, 2017

Just a quick post

A bit late tonight as we were out for a few hours tonight, more on that tomorrow. So I took the photo and went over to tell the owner.  Her husband works in Calgary during the week and flies back every Friday.  Now if it was me I would have waited for my husband to […]


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