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Jun 19, 2017

Getting back to Venice

Once we arrived in Venice, I did a first day post with a brief synopsis of our trip to Italy .  Click here for that.  My plan was to take notes so that I could recall where we had been, and what we had seen etc.  Things moved way too fast for that.  We just […]


Jun 18, 2017

Crazy weekend

No idea what I did yesterday morning but it was computer related.  I fear that I am becoming addicted to this machine.  Meanwhile Colin got busy cleaning the inside of our home.  This is the first moment that has been free to clean.  Remember all the cobweb covered boxes we brought inside from our crawl […]


Jun 16, 2017

We continue to have serious problems re flooding

When we returned from Venice Sunday we wondered why the streets were wet. We visually checked it out on Monday and by Tuesday morning it was looking very grim. We realized that things were serious and we needed to get our RV out of storage.  Colin contacted the park manager and set up a meeting […]


Jun 14, 2017

What was I thinking?

Will the merry-go-round ever slow down?  It is obvious that I have not dealt with jet lag in over twenty years.  As I mentioned yesterday, Monday was spent catching up on emails and a variety of business issues.  I did fall asleep half way through dinner.  Yesterday I ran errands in the afternoon including bank […]


Jun 13, 2017

Lost and then found

We were home by 1:PM Sunday.  As we unpacked I asked Colin to contact our chiropractor as I was in tremendous pain.  Lugging my rolling carry on behind me had set off something in my right shoulder area.  I noticed it as we boarded the flight in Venice and it just got worse.  Even Tylenol […]


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