Jun 25, 2017

Que pasa summer update

We are well over our jet lag and have settled into a nice easy going summer routine of sorts.  Life is different without the girls, we tend to flow through the day with no set times.  We don’t have to walk at a certain time such as before it gets too hot, nor eat at a set time.  They created our routine.  So now if we eat dinner at 7:00 PM or 8:30PM, so be it.  We even had Copper River salmon one more time since we returned from Venice.  It was priced at $49.99//kg rather than $89.99/kg which was $20.00 less for the piece of fish we got, a very good deal for a delicious meal.  Just a few days ago we grilled a fresh  Sockeye salmon fillet.  It was excellent but not in the same league as the Copper River.

Lots of activity on the lake. This must be a late addition.

I have started walking again and rarely get stopped now with someone asking where the girls are.  It doesn’t take much to make me tear up and sometimes it is just a memory of doing a certain walk with the girls.  Depending on jobs Colin sometimes will walk with me.

The Jeep with it’s decorative chrome tow bars.

The RV remains a hostage in the water logged storage lot.  Things have not improved at all and some days are a lot worse than others. Everything still looks like the photos I took in this post.  The other day I had to detour around three blocks as the water running down the streets was too deep.  So many residents are using their own pumps to pump out the water from their yards and from under their homes which adds to the runoff in the street.  We are totally on top of the situation and found out that a new bunch of professionals had just been brought in to discuss the matter.  A new plan has been put into effect although we see nothing new at this point and they have asked us to be patient until the middle of July.  Colin is in contact with the management here every few days.  He asked them to build a road for us to get our RV out and we implied some legal action.  If in Mexico in the middle of nowhere they can build a road out of pipes in a totally washed out section of the road strong enough for buses and RV’s like ours to get through they should be able to do something here.

Those had to be replaced with a proper tow assembly.  We also had to add a brake buddy to the package due to the weight of the Jeep.  However we are happy to have such a sturdy vehicle as a toad.  Now if only we can get both the RV and the Jeep together for the final installation of wiring.

Ferne, one of the RVers at Tres Amigos was in Kelowna this weekend giving a talk at an RV seminar on RVing in Europe.  I wonder how much cheaper that would be?  I guess it depends on your destination.

We recently discovered that the person we had given our bedding plants to when we were evacuated in early May gave them to someone else to care for as he went on vacation. Through miscommunication it turns out that our bedding plants, all $150.00 worth,  had been given away to a number of people.  So we headed to a a nursery yesterday that had an end of season 2 for 1 sale on.  Love their petunia trees.

Our patio was looking sad so we decided to get a few plants to cheer it up. Cheap and cheery. We got plants for all eight pots for $33.50.

After planting them we sat on our front patio with a lovely chilled glass of Pinot Grigio. It was a 33C day and it was lovely to sit and relax.

You can see a few of the pots at the lakeside edge of the patio. Once they start to flower I will show you how they look.

We often would sit out there with the girls.  After chatting for a bit I read and Colin played with his chess game.

An Isla sunset.

I will return to Venice in the next post.




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  1. Sam says:

    I can’t get enough of beautiful summer living pictures. I found you site through CheapChick and happy to have done so. I will spend a rainy day looking over past posts.

  2. Live has a different groove now without the girls but you guys will make it work, still very tough. So glad you decided to re-buy some flowers. They make me happy *along with wine so am sure they do the same for you 🙂

  3. George Yates says:

    Nice to get your jeep ready to tow, now if you can only get them together again the take off and explore.

  4. Dolores T says:

    You know everytime I see the girls’ sweet little faces I tear up, can’t imagine how you feel!!
    Plantings look beautiful..

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