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Jun 29, 2017

We started our 3rd full day in the Rialto area of Venice

Once again we just went with the flow and somehow we ended up where we were headed.  Well there were a few corrections in direction here and there.  The first museum of the day was to be a short stop but is ended up being rather interesting and we stayed for quite some time.  We […]


Jun 27, 2017

A dramatic day, we came close to losing our RV twice!

Yesterday morning I altered the direction of my walk.  The roads at the far end of the park were too wet due to the rising ground water.  A quick explanation for those not familiar with our water problems.  The lake we live on rose very quickly the beginning of May and then overnight it started […]


Jun 25, 2017

Que pasa summer update

We are well over our jet lag and have settled into a nice easy going summer routine of sorts.  Life is different without the girls, we tend to flow through the day with no set times.  We don’t have to walk at a certain time such as before it gets too hot, nor eat at […]


Jun 23, 2017

Second day in Venice ~ Part 2 which ended in total fulfillment

We had planned to do the traditional 40 minute gondola ride despite the high cost but it just didn’t appeal to either of us.  There was boat after boat after boat and it just seemed so very commercial and certainly not romantic.  Even before we left Canada for Venice, as we watched this webcam,  which […]


Jun 22, 2017

Our second full day in Venice ~ part 1

Tuesday June 6th started with our visit to the Doge’s Place.  We had no idea what to expect nor how long we would be there.  It did take the full morning.  We had pre purchased museum passes for 25 Euros each.  This covered the entrance fee to the Doges Palace which is 20 Euros plus […]


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