Mar 22, 2017

Hair day

Colin has asked me to thank you for your comments on his post and to let you know that he is still alive and wanting to take more photos next time he is in Culican 😯   I can’t believe that I haven’t had a post up since he posted about the narco cemetery.  Last week I went through all of my photos and now have 14 files filled with photos for 14 new posts.  I vowed last week that I would not take any new photos.  I just now downloaded 100 new photos taken in the past few days 😎   We have had visitors but more on that in another post.

No matter what happens each day our beach walks take priority.  Over the past week we have saved a few starfish at low tide plus Colin was able to maneuver a large dinner plate size jellyfish back into the ocean by using 2 pieces of driftwood he found in the area.  Today it was a botete fish ( aka a pufferfish ) that had been thrown high up the beach by a large rogue wave. Sadly I haven’t taken the camera on our walks for a few weeks now.  Don’t worry I have a great post in the making from a perfect beach walk.

Last Thursday we headed into Mazatlan to get haircuts.  Somehow I never took photos of that but then haircuts aren’t always that exciting 😕   Whenever we go to town we try and take different streets to walk from point A to point B and sometimes we just stroll here and there.

I don’t recall being on this corner before.

Someone has put a lot of love and care into this home.

Not so much this one, on the same corner.

Done with our new coiffures we walked over to Olas Altas to one of our favorite restaurants, El Fish Market.  We were fortunate enough to see this cruise ship head out after a day in port.  We had watched the same ship come in that morning from the comfort of our RV.

It was that magical time of the day.

As we dined the sun began it’s descent.

This waiter was rather entertaining. I’m glad that he had brought my margarita first.  By the way El Fish now only serves chardonnay as its white wine, which I prefer not to drink, so I now have to resort to margaritas when there.  Suzanne, they have never been as yummy as the day that we were there.  We really should have had that third one!

How fortunate we were to be there on that particular evening.

So ends another day in Mazatlan.  I never tire of taking the lancha back to the Isla.



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11 Responses to “Hair day”

  1. Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You went for a new hair doo, you had lunch out with margs, and you don’t post a picture of the new doo?

  2. George Yates says:

    Think maybe the margarita got in the way of your hair cuts?

  3. Suzanne says:

    Oh, how I would love a “rerun” of that entire day!! The concert. The Shrimp Alfredo. The wonderful conversation. The gorgeous weather and view. Only yes, THREE margaritas next time! 😉

  4. Debbie says:

    Those were some giant margaritas.

    • Contessa says:

      Well Debbie, those happen to be the normal serving size of margaritas in this part of Mexico. Two is about max.

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