Feb 26, 2017

Mazatlan is bursting at the seams

It’s Carnaval 2017 😛

Last Friday we had our chiro appointment and from there walked into Centro to buy some chicken for you know who.  As we left the Isla at the Playa Sur embarcadero we met a young couple heading back to Mazatlan.  It was 10:20AM!  They were heading back to their cruise ship 🙁   Turns out that they did not like the look of the beach chairs at the restaurants on the Isla.  First we explained that this is a very small part of Mexico and not a resort in the USA and then we gave them some suggestions as what else they could do with their time in  Mazatlan.  One of the suggestions was hiring a pulmonia to give them a tour of the city or to take a walk into town.

This is the blue line painted on the road for the benefit of the cruise passengers to find their way into Centro from the cruise ship terminal.  Just in front of the tuba player is the young couple we had met earlier in the morning, obviously following our advice to follow the blue line.  The fellow on the right in the blue jacket is a volunteer, one of many who are available to help the tourists.

A bit on interesting street art along the road.

It must be green bean season. This is the first time that I have seen a vendor selling them on the street in front of the Cathedral. Those big bags were only 10 pesos/.65cents Canadian.

We stopped to look at blankets in the mercardo and found this sleeping feline.


We decided to take a pulmonia back to the embarcadero. Centro was in gridlock.

No matter which direction you looked, we weren’t moving. So we sat and listened to the honking vehicles. Drivers here tend to be impatient.

This fruit and candy vendor is sneaking a smoke behind his back.

Between the passengers from this ship and folks in town for Carnaval, Mazatlan is muy ocupado.

This beautiful tree is directly across from the lavenderia on the Isla where we stopped to pick up our laundry on the way back from town.

Those are baby mangoes on the tree. Hopefully they will be ready before we have to leave.

Once back at the RV it was time to walk the girls.  We do our big walk on the beach based on the tides.  It is too difficult for Carmeh to walk unless it is low tide with a firm base of sand.  We prefer to walk in the morning when it is cooler and there is less wind but we have to go by the tide tables.  After the walk it was time to cook the nine days worth of chicken that we had bought.

Fortunately it was jazz night on the Isla and so we headed over to El Velero. I was too worn out to cook our dinner at this point.  A few of our friends were playing in this set.

I won’t deny it.  A margarita or two later and there I was being swung around ( you can’t call it a dance floor, rather ) the sand floor.  Gosh that Chava is a great lead.

Despite the long day we were one of the last ones to leave the party.  Colin was in the grove.

Oh well, isn’t that what Carnaval is all about?  A big party 😀


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  1. George Yates says:

    It sure is we remember the party time there for Carnival. 7 years ago now… Good times.

  2. When in Mexico do as the Mexicans do 🙂

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