Jan 28, 2017

Last Sunday was a most pleasant day

First off I just want to let you know that we are having more good days than bad days with Carmeh this past week, but she still has issues.  The last 24 hours she will eat or won’t eat her chicken, not sure what to make of it.  Our vet back in Kelowna suggested that if I did one thing for her that it would be to get Carmeh on an antioxidant as it would helpful because of the oxidative damage ongoing to the pancreas.  So I arranged to order some Denosyl and had it shipped to Texas where our neighbors daughter was flying here for mini vacation.  We got the meds last Tuesday but Carmeh refuses to take it.  It is a chewable tablet and she won’t even try to eat it.   She has refused it crushed in her food ( it is supposed to be given on an empty stomach but I was desperate ), in fact she did not eat that meal at all.  Yesterday was chicken cooking day and I did a much better job thanks to all of your suggestions.  I once again crushed the Denosyl and added a few tablespoons of chicken broth and she walked away.  She loves chicken broth but with no additives.  The pill is the size of a nickle and there is no way I can get that down her throat.  It sure would be easy if I could wrap it in cheese or peanut butter but that is a not possible because of the fat content and her pancreatitis.  Besides she is still only on chicken and rice and still is having episodes of diarrhea.  Oh yes, I also tried crushing it, adding water and giving it to her via syringe but that is an awful lot of water to force on her and I gave up.  She has enough issues without my adding to them.  So we are still taking it one day at a time.  The good news is that she does not to appear to be in pain.

Our friend Suzanne has been here all week and we did manage to have some great times.  A week ago today we went to Miguels for dinner but I forgot my camera.  Last Sunday Colin and I had tickets for the symphony and I was able to get a ticket for Suzanne just two rows behind us.

The first piece was Canon de Pachelbel, one of my personal favorites. The orchestra performed it flawlessly. I only wish that they had played it a second time.

The fellow at the end of our row spent the majority of the time checking messages and texting. Why did he even bother to attend the concert?

The Four Seasons by Vivaldi was on the program after intermission. Maestro Gordon Campbell tried something new for this performance, a multimedia background.

The images on the screen followed the ebb and flow of the music.  However I felt that they took away from the music not to mention the outstanding performance of concertmaster Olena Bogaychuk.  The violin came alive under her talented hands. It was enough to close my eyes and listen to the dance of the notes.  I have never before attended a performance at the Angela Peralta Theatre that received such an exceptional standing ovation.

Prior to the concert I was at the box office getting extra tickets to a future symphony for guests who will be here at that time.  Two people ahead of me in line were an elderly gentleman and his wife who were trying to get tickets for Sunday’s performance.  He only had US dollars and was being refused tickets. They only took pesos.  He was obviously crushed.  I completed my transaction and came out to find Suzanne and Colin and begun to relay the story of the older gentleman and his ticket problems.  As I spoke I looked up and saw him approach person after person trying to exchange USD for pesos.  Suzanne immediately offered to help him out and happily did the exchange for him.

As we left the theater I spotted the couple ahead of us.  Suzanne didn’t want to disturb them but I wanted to know if he enjoyed the performance as much as I had.  They had, even more so, as he was a violinist and the concert meant so very much to them.  They were here on vacation from Colorado and had just heard about the concert a day or so earlier.  We chatted for a few moments before we all went on our way.  Talk about a warm fuzzy feeling.

Colin went back to the Isla to feed the girls while Suzanne and I meandered for a bit.  Thanks to Suzanne I didn’t miss the stained glass at the top.  I’m too short to look so far up normally.

I wonder what stories this place could tell?

We had a delightful afternoon enjoying a few margaritas, a very tasty shrimp fettuccine and each others company.

A bit of a stroll afterwards including checking out the La Carpa Olivera de Mazatlan, a public saltwater swimming pool.

We got back to the Isla in time for sunset.

A very pleasant Sunday indeed.

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15 Responses to “Last Sunday was a most pleasant day”

  1. Nancy & Doug says:

    IW as beginning to stress about Carmeh, so glad to hear she is stable. Looks like you are having a lovely, warm season. We are so missing Mexico this year!! Oh, and our friends Bill & Carol too!!

    • Contessa says:

      You will be back here sometime, just keep that in your thoughts. I have to admit that we had a few cool nights and days this week but we are back up to 27 – 30C in the coming days.

  2. Ah, nice to see a post! We were beginning to worry something was wrong… Those margaritas look too tasty!

  3. Sandy Matts says:

    Very nice post and love the picture of the window with the stain glass at the top. Good catch Suzanne and a very good deed done for the Colorado couple – great you are so willing to act – too many time I think I should have done…….but just wait too long to act. I am working on that.

    • Suzanne says:

      Thanks, Sandy. It was definitely a “team effort.” Though I was willing to exchange the “greenbacks,” I would have never known of the situation had Contessa not overheard the conversation, and Colin not escorted me over to help initiate the exchange.

      And a big “Thanks!” to Contessa for getting me the symphony ticket to this wonderful venue! As a Vivaldi fan, it was one of the highlights of my Mexico trip thus far!


    • Contessa says:

      Thank you Sandy. I know what you mean about should have, could have but didn’t. Somehow it just all come together on this occasion. It meant even more when we discovered that the gentleman was a violinist.

  4. Kathie says:

    We’ll be in Centro this Thursday. This post makes me even more anxious to get there. My favorite light meal is shrimp tacos at The Fish Market and you and Suzanne were sitting at my favorite table. Btw, I too am short, and would have missed the stained glass.

    • Contessa says:

      Enjoy your visit on Thursday. There are many new restaurants but sometimes the old favorites are the best. The view can’t be beat from the Fish Market.

  5. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Glad to hear Carmeh is okay. I would just let her enjoy her food any way she wants it and not stress her out with medication even if it’s good for her. It would be easy to put her off food completely at this point. Stress creates acid in the stomach (just ask me!) and that won’t help anything. Sorry I missed Vivaldi but I was just too tired that day. It looks like I should made more of an effort….next time.

    • Contessa says:

      I did look for you at the concert Kathy. It really was great but sometimes one does need to do what the body wants and in your case it was rest.

      Thanks for the advice on how to feed Carmeh. Obviously she won’t be with us forever so why force things on her which is why I dropped the antioxidants. I want her to be happy and pain free.

  6. Dolores says:

    Lovely pictures per normal.. don’t u just love those old places? The stories they could tell. Someone picked out that window, just the right one for that special place. What did they have to go thru to get it and decide, a whole story in itself.. glad Carmeh doing ok, they r a mystery!!

  7. Carol Ellis says:

    New reader here and,a wannabe rver. Some day I will get to hit the road.
    Just a suggestion, maybe break up your girls pills so you aren’t trying to cram a big pill down her at once.

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the blog and most especially your comment. I know that you are waiting for me to email you and I will. Thanks for your suggestion re the meds.

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