Dec 30, 2016

Carmeh & Caeli

Here are some shots taken of the girls in recent weeks.  Special to have these memories.

Carmeh in pain from her pancreatitis. This is what is called the prayer position.  Her head is bowed in pain.  Fortunately we haven’t seen this too much of late.

Forcing water into her re hydration.

She is so good at letting us do what we have to with her.

Caeli resting on a bunch of pillows.

So funny how she has set herself up at that angle.

Here she is at the other end of the sofa but this time resting on two blankets.

Early morning snooze in the sun in the back garden.  So sweet how they are cuddled together.

Here Caeli is making a fort out of our runner carpet.

She does this a few times per day.  Often she is completely buried under the carpet.

Colin giving Carmeh some love time.

Me giving Carmeh her monthly bath last week.

So nice to have these moments of the girls captured for all time.

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4 Responses to “Carmeh & Caeli”

  1. George Yates says:

    So many great memories that you have captured in photos, nice to have.

  2. Kelly says:

    Sweet kids, love seeing their bond with each other & you both.

  3. Sandie says:


  4. Marie says:

    Thanks for the pictures, those little girls are joined at the hip and it is so cute, are they sisters?

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