Dec 28, 2016

Been doing a lot of R & R lately

Relaxing and reading that is.

Carmeh is doing pretty good, she has had a few ups and downs but she is back walking about a mile per day.   Colin carries her the other mile.  Basically she walks and is carried for a bit, then walks again, giving her time to rest.  So far it is working perfectly.  As long as she is on her exact diet she seems to do well.  That means no pieces of ham or cheese to get the Pepcid into her.  Most of the time the pill thing is not too much of struggle but there are days that she will spit it out over and over.  I always win the battle but feel so bad subjecting her to my finger down her throat even though I know that it is for her own good.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve.

Just us and the girls and of course Mother Nature.

We all cuddled and watched a Christmas movie.

While we were doing our beach walk Christmas morning Santa dropped by. He hasn’t stopped at our place for many many years.  Guess this was a special year.

Carmeh was so excited and helped open every package.  Colin got two Mexican style shirts and a new coffee mug.

The girls of course got many new toys. Caeli wasn’t too interested in the toys but Carmeh more than made up for it. I got a sundress and a new hat, you can get a glimpse in the top right corner.

Caeli did like this soft dog bone with a squeaker in it.

But Carmeh wanted that toy also. Caeli did not give in too easily.  Hard to see but she was showing her tiny teeth.

Carmeh is trying to pull it out of Caeli’s mouth.

Once she got it away from Caeli she would not let Colin take it from her.

It wasn’t like there weren’t enough new toys to play with.  It was a fun morning.

Everyone in the park went out to a restaurant in the Golden Zone for Christmas dinner but as we don’t eat meat ( turkey was the only item on the menu ) we stayed home and had a fabulous meal.  It took us two days to cook several of our seasonal favorites.  Sadly the leftovers are almost gone.  It is so special to enjoy food that you only cook once per year.

Christmas Day sunset.

Since then there have been a lot of clouds and the sunsets have been what I call duds, no color at all.  However we have been enjoying our daily walks before the beach gets busy with the locals and visitors as well as the cruise folk.  There have been five large ships in port over the last four days.  So happy to see the vendors and the restaurants doing well.

Colin is back into his music and learning a few new songs and I am just happy relaxing and reading.  Life is good here on the Isla.


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9 Responses to “Been doing a lot of R & R lately”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nothing like lots of R & R we are getting pretty good at that.

  2. Marie says:

    Having come across your blog a few weeks ago I’ve been enjoying it a lot and have come to really love your two little dogs. Their little faces are so expressive. I also have a little dog, a rescued Havanese cross, named Sparkle who is my faithful companion. A very Happy New Year to you both and I’ll keep enjoying your stay in the sun, via your postings.

  3. Don & Kathy says:

    Love it “Life is Good”. Wishing both of you all the very best and may we all be healthy and happy in 2017.

  4. chris says:

    Looks like you’re having a great Christmas!

  5. Mary Edhaim says:

    Your Christmas pics sure put a smile on my face this morning. I love seeing the girls enjoying their toys, and glad that Carmeh is feeling better. Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing your trip.

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