Dec 23, 2016

We have been having fun these past 12 days

King David one of the owners of Tres Amigos RV Park had a posada for all the RVers, our friends and his employees.

I was first on the dance floor having met up with Hugo, a local fellow who speaks 7 languages.  I met him as a waiter at a local restaurant about six years ago, but he headed out to Aguascalientes to work as a translator for the Japanese at the Mitsubishi auto plant. We had a blast together years ago and now here he was back in town.  He calls me his blonde, which in French loosely translates to his girlfriend.

Our table that night. All but Colin were French Canadians.

Pierre and I dancing, what a great lead he was.

A few days later we were back in the Plazuela Machado with friends for dinner and dancing.  That is Colin and I in the bottom right corner.

I was so excited and somewhat nervous when Bill asked me to dance.  After all he is a pro, we did have a great dance.  Another great lead.

On the way home that night we saw this ship being loaded with all sizes of yachts and sail boats.  Apparently they are being moved via the Panama Canal to other areas of the world for the various owners.  Ahh, the life of  the rich and perhaps famous.

A few days ago on the 20th we were part of a Secret Santa for both RV1 and RV2.  Hard to see, but all the gifts were under this table.  It was fun little party.

Carmeh has good parts of the day and not so great parts.  We thought she was going into a flare up the other day but it seemed to pass several hours later.  So hard to judge how she is doing.  This morning she was going around the yard eating all the strands of grass that she could find.  All we can do is give her tons of love and deal with each day as it happens.

We have been taking her to the beach in her stroller the last two days.  She loves being out there but is not interested in walking these days.  Maybe tomorrow.

The weather remains humid, close to 90%, and this is what we have woken up to much of this week.

The fog quickly dissipates once the sun is high in the sky.  It does make for hot nights ( and days of course ), so unusual for this time of year.

We had a lovely but too short visit from Bella and Carl yesterday. They were one of the first RVers here many years ago. We were parked next to them 6 years ago, their last season here at Tres Amigos.  The girls fell in love with Bella and Carl and vice versa.  Caeli squealed when she saw Carl walk up from the beach yesterday.  Such love.

Taken a few nights ago.

That ball of sun is actually red as it sets but as Colin explained to me, you really can’t capture that on your camera.  Regardless it was another wonderful sunset.

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4 Responses to “We have been having fun these past 12 days”

  1. Sounds like a fun and busy Christmas season.

    Merry Christmas to you, Colin and the girls!


  2. Sandy Matts says:

    Feliz Navidad to you, Colin and the Girls. Great photos today – you and Bill look good as dance partners. Happy New Year, too.

  3. Bill says:

    Feliz Navidad mis amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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