Dec 21, 2016

Umm….Colin…I think I broke the toilet

We have been busy doing a bit of this and a lot of that and some resting in between.  More details once I find time to edit the photos.

Carmeh is improving.  It is a fight twice per day getting this tiny Pepcid pill down her throat.  I am not looking forward to using the 4X larger pill in four days time.  I plan to start only giving her the Pepcid once per day at bedtime after we complete this 12 day course of Pepcid.  I have no idea if I am making the right decision but is it better to possibly overdose her with 5mg BID ( twice per day ) or just 5mg per day?  Who knows what will work?   Sadly yesterday she twisted/sprained he front right leg.  It seems that there is always some drama in our lives.  So Colin carried her for our beach walk yesterday.  Today she walked a very few feet about three times and was carried the rest of the way.  She seemed much better later in the day today and we didn’t see any limping.  I have not treated her and plan to just let nature take its course as the injury does not seem too serious.

The girls enjoying a mid morning snooze while we enjoyed our fruit breakfast.

The heat continues to be unseasonably warm and humid.  Mother Nature is amazing.  We are fortunate to have the heat where we are even if I find it a tad too warm.  I just wear less clothing 😀

I finally got two pots of seeds planted, one of kale and the other swiss chard.  Due to the heat they sprouted within 3-4 days instead of the regular 7 – 10 days.  However I also got these strange white things.

I suspect it is something in the soil we bought in Palm Springs.  The white things only last a day and only reappear every two days.

Colin and I took the panga over to Mazatlan and a pulmonia to the box office at the Angela Peralta Theater today.  There was an additional symphonic concert that I wanted to see but the computers were down.  No way to get tickets for a few days.  Too bad as we won’t be back till early January.  We then walked to the mercardo to purchase our final groceries for our Christmas meals.  Lots and lots of people doing their Christmas shopping and I was melting due to the heat.  Lunch at Tony’s helped 😉  So happy to get back to the Isla and the freshness of the air and sounds of the ocean.

Oh yes….the toilet problem…..well I simply put my foot on the pedal to press down to flush and heard a loud crack 😯   Then the water just kept flowing.  Gulp!  Ahh Colin…help please.  Long story short we can sort of make it work manually.  Thank goodness for Eric, the best RV tech ever, he has the part that he thinks we might need and will be here tomorrow.  Phew…..not to be confused with peee-yew 😆

Our sunset this evening.

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13 Responses to “Umm….Colin…I think I broke the toilet”

  1. lucy says:

    What if you ‘ camouflage’ the tiny pill into a piece of ham or other ‘ delicious goodie ‘ & give it to her that way ?

    • contessa says:

      Hola Lucy! We used to give pills in a small piece of cheese but because of the pancreatitis Carmeh can only have her canned food. However it is my understanding that she should be having the Pepcid on an empty stomach, especially when she is in the middle of an attack.

      • lucy says:

        Contessa, true, the medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach, but… a half inch by half inch SLICE of ham would NOT ‘ fill ‘ her stomach. The surface the ham ocuppies in her stomach is NILL, thus technically is still an empty stomach… Am I goofing off ?

  2. sgsmith says:

    My dog hates her pills. I finally got her to eat them by placing them in her morning and evening meal and squirting them with some of that cheese spread in an aerosal can

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog comments. Sadly Carmeh is severely restricted to foods because of her pancreatitis. That is why is is more difficult to give her her meds.

  3. jenny says:

    did y ou know you can order pepcid from amazon— follow your blog religiously in the winter – not so much in summer but still keep up

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment section of my blog Jenny. Nice to have you here and I appreciate your input. Here in Mexico it is not easy to order things online. Mostly we have to get things from friends coming to visit. I do use Amazon both at home in Canada and in the US via preorders to an RV Park or to a postal ship outlet. I agree, my posts are more interesting while we are traveling in the winter. Hope to see you comment again.

  4. George Yates says:

    Good luck with the toilet repair and keep enjoying that hot weather.
    Better than the cold and snow.

  5. Gail Todd says:

    Hi Contessa-
    5 mg famotidine once or twice daily is a safe dosage range. Once daily is fine for a chronic problem, twice if she has flareups.
    Getting it down your dog may be a challenge, so you may have to get creative. Does she like canned pumpkin? Many cats and dogs love it. Try some out, and if she likes it, crush up the famotidine and add it to the pumpkin. Will she refuse her dinner if it has crushed famotidine in it? Giving it on an empty stomach is not set in stone-better she get it this way than not at all.

  6. Yikes, a broken toilet is not fun. Glad he can fix it and that you can manually work it in the mean time. You are right, it is always something 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, Colin and the girls

  7. Ann says:

    hope Eric can get that all fixed for you. The humidity is starting to get to me. Actually makes me feel sick. Wish it would go away. The temperatures are fine. Going to try to post picture of you and Bill dancing later today.

  8. chris says:

    Melting in the heat or freezing in the snow? Which one do you want? 🙂

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