Dec 19, 2016

Today was exceptionally hot

Usually the temperature cools down in December and it did so for a very few days.  Then the moisture crept up and today we hit 32C/90F plus 70% humidity, and it was sweltering.  For the first time that I can remember in 7 full seasons here, there was no ocean breeze.  It was sticky and uncomfortable.  So glad that we did our 2 mile walk early this morning.  The lack of airflow made the day very very uncomfortable.  Just at sunset we turned on the RV A/C so that we could cool down, breath and relax, not to mention cook dinner in comfort.  This is not a complaint, just an observation.

Earlier tonight we watched the Michael Bubble Christmas Special with the A/C  on which did feel a tad more Christmasy with the cool air flowing around us.  Did I ever tell you that many years ago we were on a repositing cruise from Vancouver, BC to LA, California and that Michael Bubble was on the ship?  He was young back then and  sang at the karaoke night.  His Mom was proudly telling us all that he was on his way to an audition in LA.  Who knew back then that he would become so famous?

Last week when we took Carmeh to the Vet I saw this sign.  Don’t you think that each city should be one  above the other with the appropriate directional arrow.  This sign could be confusing if you only have a moment to glance at it.

It has been project time for us. Colin had to lift some of our patio bricks that have sunk over the years. Carmeh was the inspection supervisor.

The completed project. This is where we come up off the beach and sit and wash our feet as well as the girls after our beach walks.

Colin had to recover two of the indoor ramps. The girls have literally worn out the originals. So many ups and downs.

A large car carrying vessel heading out to sea, empty as far as we know.  The Mazatlan Port has been exceptionally busy this year.  Many ships coming in and going out everyday.  Often in port less than 24 hours, a major change from a few years ago when there was little activity.

Even Tres Amigos RV Park has been busy with projects.  Just under the palapa to the right you can see new cement posts rising from the lower brick wall.  This came about because of a very loud late night ( 4AM ) party held at the restaurant on the other side of the wall.  The RV Park owner was quick to raise the wall to help keep the sound down.  The cement posts went up and the restaurant owner said that there would be no more loud noise but the bricks, cement and sand remain in place in case they are needed.

A new walkway had been built for those in the back row wishing to walk to the beach.


A walk at low tide at sunset. Clam holes??

Nice to see the sunset from a different angle.

Just another sunset in paradise.


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5 Responses to “Today was exceptionally hot”

  1. Connie & Barry in PA says:

    Love the brick area! Colin did a nice job redoing it. Your sunset photos are so warm and inviting for us now that it’s in the 20’s to 30’s here. Thank you!!!!

  2. George Yates says:

    Too bad about the heat and humidity, we much prefer it here dryer and a bit cooler. At least you are keeping busy and enjoy it.

  3. Whenever I would comment on the logic of a road sign like the one pictured above, Shelagh would say “TIM” “This Is Mexico”!

    Nice brickwork Colin.

  4. chris says:

    Great post Contessa. It is obvious you guys love your spot on the Isla. We like it there too. The wall going up shows some pretty good customer service on the part of David. Good on him. I hope it helps. The loud music is just part of the beach and there isn’t much people can do. So that’s a really good thing. I admire Colin and his hard work. It pays off. You have a beautiful site. Big hugs from cold northern Mexico where last night it was 0C. Brrrr. We leave on Friday!!

  5. Don & Kathy says:

    We are always amazed at the fantastic photos. So wonderful to follow your days.

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