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Oct 22, 2016

Colin is home and all is well again

  Colin had a great time with his Mom and they packed a lot into three days. Today we got right into getting ready to hit the road.


Oct 20, 2016

Calendar girls

Well Carmeh is definitely depressed. It took a lot of encouragement to get her to eat her breakfast.  Then later she refused to play which is her normal after breakfast.  She refused to come under the bed covers last night so I made sure that she was covered with a dog blanket.  We/I sleep with […]


Oct 19, 2016

Adios Papa

Colin left very early this morning for Winnipeg.  He was flying there to see his Mom and to celebrate her 102nd birthday.  I’m certain that I will receive some photos in the next day or so to share with  you.  Meanwhile our major concern was Carmeh and how she would deal with the separation from […]


Oct 18, 2016

A day of contrasts

The chicken and rice just didn’t do it for her.  I knew that she was hungry.  In fact she still is, but once she gets her food she has a burst of energy and plays for a good 30 minutes.  I decided to feed her the 6.6 ounces of canned food over three feedings as […]


Oct 16, 2016

Addition to the travel insurance post

I did a fairly detailed travel insurance post a few weeks back and have since received the following via email.  It is worth a mention in a follow up post in my opinion. This is the email…… Contessa, I had mailed a portion of your blog pertaining to Travel Insurance to Laura Lee. This was […]


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