Oct 28, 2016

I had my last bath

I can’t believe that five days have flown by since my last post.  We have been going full tilt but we are almost done and ready to hit the road.   It took a bit to get the business shut down and to get paid for the jobs we completed.  At this point we have two clients who say that they will deposit their cheques into our bank.  Finger crossed.  Colin has been turning down jobs including one that came in today from our favorite winery.  That one breaks my heart.  I love being paid in wine.

I wonder if we might find this truck in our travels?

I wonder if we might find this truck in our travels?

Colin came back from Winnipeg with a cold that he got from the guy in the seat behind him who coughed and sneezed the entire trip.  Fortunately he is on the mend and I thought I was getting it but it seems that I might be fine.

The girls are both 100% and have adapted to their new diet.  If anything Carmeh has much more energy then ever.  She however has been distraught with all the back and forth between the house and the RV.  She sees us packing things and then leaving.  I’m certain that each time we leave she fears that we won’t be back.  Normally we would leave the girls in the RV during our back and forth process, but the living room slide is in and there just isn’t enough room with all the ramps that need to be in place.

Just this past Tuesday I headed out to get an eyebrow and lip wax, something I do from time to time and usually before we head south.  An easy quick 15 minute stop.  Not this time.  Something went wrong, likely a combination of things.  I think the wax was extra hot and for some reason my skin had a severe reaction.  Part of the reaction was due to the facial creme I use at night to help reduce the redness of my April brown spot removal.  Well at least my face was looking good and almost back to normal.

Yes, ouch!. It hurt a lot. I took Ibuprofen applied vaseline.

Yes, ouch! It hurt a lot. I took Ibuprofen and applied Vaseline.  Eventually the burning stopped after 48 hours or so and now I am at the scabbing stage.  Who knows how long this is going to take to get back to normal.

Wednesday morning Colin went to get the RV to place it in front of our home.  We are allowed to park it there for three nights as long as there is room for a fire truck to get by.  Much easier to do the final loading with it right here.  Our plan is to put our two vehicles in the RV storage spot.  The golf cart stays on our driveway.  Colin was back with bad news.  Now what I thought?  The back passenger jack refused to come up.  He even dug under it and tried to pry it with a shovel.  Nada.  So we then spent about an hour calling every single mobile RV tech in town.  Our regular guy is teaching “how to be an RV tech” at the local college.  Absolutely no one could come today.  Finally one fellow called back and he could come after 2:30PM.  We were hooped.  Meanwhile I sent an email to our Mazatlan RV tech who is still here in Canada in Manitoba.  In the subject line I typed URGENT and in the body I asked him to please call Colin on his cell ASAP.  Eric called within two minutes.  Amazing.  So they decided it might be a solenoid issue and to buy one and he would fix it when we got to the Isla.  I had also called a few Camping Worlds on our route and they could not see us for a least 10 days.  Eric walked Colin thru using the slides without jacks and on how to silence the jack down alarm ( which is extremely loud and irritating ).  There is no way we could have driven with that sound.  Thank you Eric, as always, you came through for us and you are indeed the best out there.  So Colin’s next task was to get some numbers off the parts so he could pick up a new solenoid.  All I can say is that thank goodness Colin is systematic and extremely detailed.  First thing he noticed was a wire pulled out of its connection.  Turns out it was attached to the solenoid 🙄  Our theory is that the last RV tech who did the generator oil and filters change, a few weeks ago, dislodged the wire.  So we were back in business.  We finally got the RV moved about four hours later than planned.  All in the pouring rain of course.  And so the loading began.

At one point yesterday Carmeh came towards me wearing a SuperDog cape.

At one point yesterday Carmeh came towards me wearing a SuperDog cape.

She had somehow managed to underbag the first bad which she was weraing and then dug into the extra buckwheat hulls that we use in our pillows.

She had somehow managed to unbag the first bag which she was wearing and then dug into the second plastic bag of extra buckwheat hulls that we use in our pillows.  I was about to put them away.  What a mess.


All day yesterday and today was a blur of activity.  I had my final bath until mid April, pure bliss.  Then our pipes were blown out this afternoon.  As we can no longer run any water or use the toilet we are moving into the RV for the night.  It is going to be a cool 4C/39F.

MAny people who stay here fro the winter complain about the low cloud that hsngs in the valley.

Many people who stay here for the winter complain about the low cloud that hangs in the valley.

I find it interesting but then if I stayed here all winter it might become an issue. I'm sure that there must be sunny days.

I find it interesting but then if I stayed here all winter it might become an issue. I’m sure that there must be sunny days.

Well the RV is calling and I must finish my tio do list.

Well the RV is calling and I must finish my to do list.

Just a reminder, that if you don’t want to miss one of my posts over the winter you can subscribe by email. That way each post will find its way to your inbox.  Check out the line under Home Page at the top right of my blog page to subscribe.  Barry, I mention this for you 😆

Soon this will be Colin and I on the Isla.

Soon this will be Colin and I on the Isla.  Enjoy each and every day to the fullest.

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12 Responses to “I had my last bath”

  1. chris says:

    Ready for take off, almost! Glad the jack was an easy fix and yes the rv guy in Maz is great. Can’t wait to see the take off!

  2. Sandy Matts says:

    Traveling mercies all the way to the Isla for you and all those around you, too, which we must look out and care about. Such excitement to get on the road again.

  3. Jannose says:

    Safe travels!

  4. George Yates says:

    Follow that wine truck, glad you like that picture I sent you.
    Soon on the road again.

  5. Connie in PA says:

    Best wishes for a good trip south to the Isla – we’ll be riding along!!

  6. Safe travels! Mexico is right around the bend 🙂

  7. Kay says:

    Come on down! Where at the border already. If the US election goes by the signs we seen on display in yards from the Canada border to the Mexico border, we likely will encounter a wall in the spring so I decided to pack a few “extra” supplies. Like BOOZE 🙂

  8. Upriverdavid says:

    Have a happy road trip!

  9. Steve says:

    “The Beach” is sounding pretty good right now. Load the hounds and head south .. I’ll look forward reading about your trip to get there … but your beach pictures are always fantastic.

  10. Kelly says:

    Thank goodness Colin saw the loose connection. hope your crossing is smooth and the wind stays at your back.

  11. Cat says:

    Carmeh looks so cute and innocent in her SuperDog cape. lol

    Safe and worry free travels. I’m looking forward to following along in cyberspace. 😉

  12. Dolores tanner says:

    Oooooo, that waxing sounds awful, hope you heal really soon, at least you are hairless 🙂 I love getting my waxing done, every 5 weeks…. Sounds silly but always makes me feel so very good and feminine, I know, I know, silly….. Bet you guys are almost off by now….. with those RV’s there is always something….. I swear….. Glad girls are feeling well.
    Take care and drive safe!!!

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