Sep 02, 2016

Unsettled day…

..we had such a day within the last week.  I no longer am precise on the dates and times, suffice to say that it happened last week or so.

There was a lot of wind. Enoguh wind that for the first tinme ever some of our plant pots turned over.

There was a lot of wind. Enough wind that for the first time ever some of our plant pots turned over.  Of course Colin is only in his stocking feet….that is why socks for guys cost so much.

Very strong wind gusts.

Very strong wind gusts.

Sadly I lost some of my Mexican pottery.

Sadly I lost some of my Mexican pottery.

This is the second quail piece I have lost over the years.

This is the second quail piece I have lost over the years.

The wind was strong....

The wind was strong….

White caps on the lake, as we had today as well, with even stronger winds @ 59km/h.  Certainly not a time to sit out and enjoy our yard.  Actually Colin left @ 3:30AM this morning to drive to Vancouver for a photo shoot.  It was an interior of a home so the rain there was not an issue.  However he does still have to return to do the exteriors once the sun returns which we hope it will.  The weather here is not normal for this time of year but is it normal anywhere?

Today was more unsettled than normal.  Carmeh was up at 4:15AM which meant that I was also.  She went out and did her business.  She woke me yet again before 7AM and went out to eat grass!!  She was missing Colin who left while she was deep asleep.  Caeli lives for food and the odd cuddle while Carmeh lives for Colin or so it seems at her old age of 13.  Carmeh only ate a portion of her breakfast despite my best attempts to sing and dance and to play with her ball.  Colin was gone so she only ate half of her meal.

Meanwhile I decided to have a bath as the weather was not conducive to an early morning walk.  Once out of the tub I was greeted with three fairly large patches of vomit as well as some string like pieces here and there.  Of course they were on the bedroom carpet, the only place in our home that has carpet 🙁   Carmeh seems to live in the bedroom both on the carpet as her play area and on our bed as her resting area.  Grrr.  So I cleaned up as best as I could and know that next week I will be calling our carpet guy in to do a small patch of carpet.  Carmeh seems to not seriously able to cope when Colin is away 😯

I also found out early today that a fellow RVer from the Isla had passed away yesterday.   I have no details at the moment.  Suffice to say that it is a sad moment and that we wish her husband and family all the best.

Shortly thereafter I attended a Celebration of Life for someone who lived here in the park.  He died very suddenly last week @  the young age of 59.  When his partner came home late in the evening,  he found their dog laying over Eric’s body……such love and devotion.  It took her ( the dog ) six days before she started to eat again.  Today was the ceremony of his passing.  I learned more about Eric who we thought we knew, such a very special individual and so very creative.  I came home with much sadness and many many tears.

What was expressed during the ceremony by Eric’s friends and family is that life  is short, so please love each other each and every day.

So my very special readers, be sure to do what you want to each and every day and be sure to tell those that you love, that you do love them.  Life is shorter than we know.  As I always say, be sure to enjoy each and every day to the fullest.

Best news of the day is that Colin finished early and should be home within two hours 😀   Time to express my love…


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8 Responses to “Unsettled day…”

  1. George Yates says:

    Sorry about the loss of you neighbour.
    And like you said life is short that’s why we are living our life the way we want right now before its too late.

  2. SandyM says:

    Sorry for the loss of your friends, there and on the Isla. Today I attended a memorial service for the husband of my friend – I came away feeling immensely sad that it was only at his memorial that I learned about his life through what his family wanted to share with those gathered. I will continue to be a good friend to Pat but there will always be a sad place in my heart I didn’t know her husband better.

    What a change in the weather from when your friends visited a few day ago. What a beautiful setting you have there – continue to enjoy.

  3. Barbara Lane says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your friends passing. You are so right about expressing love every day. I would not ever want to live with the regret of not doing so while I could.

    When I see your beautiful Mexican pots broken I can’t help but think they would make lovely mosaics – break up the rest into shards and make stepping stones perhaps, mosaic on new plain clay pots, or a table top. You would then be able to continue enjoying them, just in a new way. There are often fun classes in mosaics at Community Colleges, Senior Centers, etc. – or you can find someone to make them for you. It’s quite simple, and something like stepping stones for your yard or garden would go very quickly.

    I sometimes buy plates and platters at thrift stores with interesting colors/patterns just to take home and put in a pillowcase and break into shards. I mix it all up – I never lay out ahead of time – I just lay them in as I go and it’s always a wonderful result. It’s fun and good “therapy” to be creative and have something that lasts “forever” and is useful.

    Just a thought… : )

  4. I think we sent the wind your way! We don’t often get wind from the northeast but we got a really strong one as well for a couple of days and I think it was headed your way.

    Sorry for the loss of your friends. 59 is definitely far too young, which is exactly why we are doing what we are doing now. Old age is never guaranteed!

  5. Sorry about your friends. Buddy only pukes on our carpet (20% of the house) or the area rug, never on the laminate. And yes, my husband regularly ruins socks by wearing them outside and then expects miracles in the laundry department.

  6. Roxi says:

    My condolences. What a ride this life is!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Hi, Contessa,

    I am sorry to hear about the passing of your friends. However, if my legacy left behind would prompt someone to write such a nice post as a reminder to “love one another,” then it would have been a life well lived.

    Te amo, mi amiga!

  8. Dolores tanner says:

    For some reason that is so very sad, made me cry. Guess it is Carmeh’s devotion and then the neighbor’s dog, too….
    And the upheaval in my life too, in getting rid of my RV and watching it go down the road for the last time 🙁

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