Aug 20, 2016

Hot Air Balloon

Just the other morning we both noticed a hot air balloon moving directly into the flight path of the Kelowna Airport.  Not a good idea at all.  We have often seen the Remax ( real estate ) balloon floating around but I had not noticed this particular one before.  There have been many harrowing descents over the past few years.  Balloons landing in residential streets and such.

This was almost acorss the alke from us but a tak to the left.

This one was almost across the lake from us but a tad to the left but directly in the flight path.

IF colin was here

If Colin was here ( he is doing an 15 hour photo shoot ) I could under his direction place an arrow or dot over the balloon.  It is less than an inch to the left of that tall tree ( and right above that second tree to the right of the tall tree ) and just over our Mark White kinetic wind sculpture.  Pretty close to us.

The balloon initially appeared to be landing and they rose and moved over several yards.

The balloon initially appeared to be landing and then rose and moved over several yards before it eventually touched down.  Not sure if you can see that bird just above the power line to the left of the balloon.

That particular area is both a farm and also has roaming stock.  So perhaps they had to move over to avoid landing in and stepping out onto cow poop 🙄

Colin and I did a hot air balloon ride way back in 2000.  It was my gift to Colin on the occasion of his 50th birthday.  Our particular ride was in a fairly large basket, we had about 6 -7 people inside including the pilot and we had room to move about.  What I remember most were the barking dogs.  Apparently the hot air as it is let out makes a noise that affects dogs ears and that causes the ruckus.  Once we moved more out over the countryside it became more tranquil.  When we landed and without incident, thank goodness, everyone was served a glass of bubbly.  Way back then Colin and I were strict vegans and did not drink so they provided us with a bottle of sparkling apple juice.  It was a memorable experience but quite honestly I doubt that we would do it again.  Well….unless it was at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival which is on our to do list once we are retired ( our busy season in October and the festival is usually early October ) and once the girls are gone as they could not take the noises associated with the balloons.

Never a dull moment around here 😀



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4 Responses to “Hot Air Balloon”

  1. SandyM says:

    Do keep the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta on your bucket list – it is awesome and the fact that you can walk among the balloons as they are unloaded and laid out on the ground and then watch as they are being inflated is totally amazing. We have been several years and hope to see them again in 2018. The special effects balloons are spectacular. Camping there as I am sure you know – we usually dry camp in their campground.

  2. SandyM says:

    Wanted to add – you got some good pictures but it posted before I could – trigger finger 🙂

  3. George Yates says:

    Those balloons are a sight to see we have seen quite a few in our area over the years, but we have no desire to go up on one.
    Nice photos.

  4. I would like to see the Albuquerque Balloon Festival but not go up in it, think it would be nicer in a more peaceful place. I have heard that you can do it in Egypt and that is where I would choose to do it, if things quiet down there and it becomes more safe to travel there. After that horrendous balloon accident a few weeks ago I think a lot of people are thinking twice about going up.

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