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Jul 29, 2016

Another night out on the town

We certainly are getting the hang of taking time off and having fun.  By the way when I mentioned in the last post that we will be retiring in two years I neglected to remind you that we do take 5 – 6 months off per year to travel in the RV.   It’s the six […]


Jul 28, 2016

Que pasa?

Since Colin got home it has been somewhat busy, what with his downloading, photo shop and me invoicing and just having at least one walk per day together not to mention all the daily to dos and unexpected interruptions. Plus he does have a job to do here and there.  Tomorrow he is doing a […]


Jul 24, 2016

…and then he was gone

…pretty much within 40 minutes of waking up this morning Colin was in his car and driving to Vancouver.  Every year he has a full days worth of aerial photography to do in Vancouver.  Usually it happens the end of June or early July.  Last year because of the smoke from forest fires he did […]


Jul 23, 2016

Another birthday for Colin

Yesterday, the 22nd was Colin’s special day.  Mostly he worked and then we ran a few errands in the afternoon.  But we were going out for dinner and it turned out even better than planned.  But first the birthday tree. We had reservations for two outside on the patio next to the fountain.  We were […]


Jul 22, 2016

It’s not NYC but we still had a great evening

Before the RV we used to travel and NYC was one of our favorite destinations.  In fact I used to travel there almost every year after I graduated from nursing school.  For me it was mostly about the theatre, usually plays both on and off Broadway.  Music was also a large part of it from […]


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