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Mar 16, 2016

Beach time

Every now and then we see a horse being trained directly in front of us on the beach.  They do work them hard, having them go around and around in a tight circle.  I missed getting a photo of that as my camera just would not open. So will Colin and I.  Not just being […]


Mar 15, 2016

Getting back to normal

While Colin was away the hours in the day simply slipped by.  Just the everyday living of keeping things tidy both inside and out, walking and then washing the girls off, gardening, and keeping up with emails and reading other blog post left me little personal time.  Of course everyone knows that when you are […]


Mar 12, 2016

Culiacan was a blast

A very large city indeed, it is the capital of Sinaloa.  It is host to many Universities and is very cosmopolitan.  It is also one of the main drug cartel cities.  It even has a Narco cemetery that I wished we had had time to visit.  Next time for certain, I want to see these […]


Mar 10, 2016

An intense 26 hours

I left yesterday at 12 noon and returned about 2:20PM today.  In that time I have had only 5 hours of sleep. Twenty one of those hours were spent either speaking with a wide variety of engaging and intriguing people or listening to some of the most brilliant and emotionally rich music I have ever […]


Mar 09, 2016

Adios Contessa

Surprise 😯   I’m leaving and also heading to Culiacan.  Sadly the girls are staying behind. There is a particular guitarist that I want to see, you could say he is one of the best classical guitar players in the world if not the best.  I did travel with Colin and the girls in 2012 to […]


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