Mar 30, 2016

Things are not working out

We are in our final major pack up.  About 11AM today it came to my attention that the girls have fleas.  Of course they are on monthly flea meds but as happened 2 years ago ( also the end of March ) they have fleas.  I insisted that the vet see us ASAP and they did and they did the flea bath, poor girls were so stressed.  Well so were we.  The hard part is the cleaning and disinfecting and fumigation of everything.  It takes hours and needs to be done every few days.  As we are leaving Friday AM there is no way to get our bedding laundered nor the girls bedding and blankets on the sofa, etc.  At the moment things are in plastic garbage bags.  Seems like I will be spending my time in Yuma cleaning rather than shopping.

Finally got the first round of disinfecting done and went out to dinner with friends.  Got back to see that the termites had come through.  We spent the last hour killing over 300 of them and are still on patrol.

I had a lovely post lined up but no time…..

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day trying to complete today to dos with tomorrows.  Colin keeps killing as I am typing.

Time for showers and an early bedtime.  We are exhausted.  Not a fun way to spend our last two days here.  Just got an email from our vet back in Canada, she is going to check with the rep who sells the Advantix 2 and see what he has to say about the situation.


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5 Responses to “Things are not working out”

  1. Sorry the pests are attacking! Hope everything gets worked out and your trip back up to the U.S. is uneventful.

    Darn it– looks like I’ll just be missing you as I leave Yuma tomorrow to head to Illinois.

  2. Bob says:

    Hope you get rid of them, my dog was infested a couple years ago and it seemed I never would get rid of them, then I found this stuff … diatomaceous earth, it’s safe and effective, did the whole house, then redid as a preventive measure a year later.
    Good luck.

  3. chris says:

    Because you don’t allow “right click” I can’t copy past the material Bob mentioned. 🙂 It works. You can use it on carpets, clothes, everything. The “earth” they sell is commercial food grade and is used in foods such as grains and flours to keep pests away. Sprinkle it around the perimeter of the house and the rv. We have a big bag here at home.

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