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Feb 10, 2016

A bit of fun & we went into Mazatlan

After our beach walk which is always dictated by the tides ( making it easier on both Carmeh and I to walk ) we headed out to town.  For the first time in a very long while we actually put the A/C on for the girls before we left.  The humidity is back and the […]


Feb 09, 2016

More Que Pasa

Before we say adios to Carnival 2016 I want to share some very very exceptional still shots of the fireworks taken by someone who understands photography.  The link is here to see 16 fab photos.  Colin was wowed by some of them. Still on the subject of photography, the Tommie Gold Awards happened last Saturday […]


Feb 08, 2016

Our big night on the town during Carnaval



Feb 07, 2016

Just a bit of Carnaval for you

Mazatlan is very big into Carnaval this weekend.  Yesterday was the big naval combat and fireworks display.  Today is the first parade.  Colin and I have seen both over the years and have chosen to stay here quietly on the Isla this year. We do still hear the deep bass of the banda music every […]


Feb 05, 2016

Que pasa



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