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Dec 24, 2015

A scurry of activity

It’s almost Christmas and there is a certain amount of bustle around the Isla.  Many of the restaurants have been prepping and adding more palapas and tables.  There are more vendors on the beach.  Now that my friends are all here I am doing extra cooking in anticipation of sharing some great fun and conversation […]


Dec 23, 2015

Adios y hola y hola

A very huge welcome to Chris and Juan who pulled in about 5:15PM today the 23rd.  We were expecting them tomorrow for happy hour and they thought that they had indeed arrived on the 24th.  Somehow they got their dates wrong 🙄  We had a marvelous reunion and they happy to have an extra day […]


Dec 22, 2015

Yesterday and a priceless guitar is made even better

It was hot and humid yesterday.  By noon it was 87F inside the RV and the ocean breeze had stopped.  It was not pleasant but still better than rain, snow and cold.  We had unexpected visitors.  Always love it when someone walks up off the beach.  Bella and Carl came by and dropped off one […]


Dec 21, 2015

Living each day to it’s fullest

Somehow time just seems to be eaten up each day and you can’t seem to understand what you did that took up so much of it.  Perhaps it’s because one is more relaxed and if it takes an hour to get out to the beach for a walk so be it.  If it takes an […]


Dec 18, 2015

The girls go to town

It was a trip to the vet.  Someone’s anal glands needed expressing.  Yesterday was the day.  However our vet, La Jungla has moved…..far away.  What used to be a 50 peso ride was now a 100 peso ride to the very far outskirts of Mazatlan.  Plus we had to pay extra for the pulmonia to […]


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