Nov 01, 2015

The girls are unsettled and a quick update

With all the packing and carrying things out of the house the girls are becoming increasingly upset.  Carmeh paces a lot and won’t settle down.  The minute one of us comes back in from the RV they want attention but we are constantly going back and forth.

Usually we keep them in the RV with us but first off it is not Carmeh proof yet.  Colin is in the process of constructing ramps.  However we need the dogs pens blocking the rest of the furniture in the house at the moment so it is not as easy to bring them back and forth as it used to be.  We are still in the process of figuring out how they can have freedom without jumping.  The other thing is that with the repair guy going in and out it just doesn’t work.  Enough for me to keep him from walking on the newly cleaned carpets ( which still aren’t 100% dry due to the humidity ) with his wet shoes.

The RV tech has come everyday this past week except Friday.  He was there for a longtime yesterday and will come for a final time ( I sure hope so ) Monday.  We now have electricity, a working generator and a working awning.  The broken basement latch has been fixed enough to get us by without the door flying open as we travel the highway.  A new one has been ordered as well as a few other RV parts and we will pick those up at the RV Park in Ely.

The food, other than transferring the fridge ingredients, is in and put away.  Today I’ll concentrate on clothes and bathroom items.  The heavy rain is over and we are at  30% possibility of showers today and Monday with sun on Tuesday which is perfect.  At this point it is all coming together.  Sadly my eyes start acting up for no reason at various times throughout the day and I have to stay away from the computer and walk around the house with sunglasses one.  Frustrating and painful.  No way can I edit photos at this time.

Back to work 😎

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6 Responses to “The girls are unsettled and a quick update”

  1. Sandie says:

    Skittlez really gets upset when we are loading into the Bungalow. She gets nervous when we do anything out of the ordinary so I can relate totally. They are right there under your feet. Sorry about your eyes.

    • Contessa says:

      We took them to the RV late in the day and they were elated and slowly but surely used the ramps. My eye was better by 1 PM and so I got thru the day. Not sure what tomorrow will bring.

  2. Sure will be nice to get back in to coach and heading south. We sure don’t miss the unpacking and packing again. We had a sample this past spring and really is not too much fun.
    Soon you will be on the road again.

    • Contessa says:

      I have always envied fulltimers and the fact that you don’t have to unload and reload. We can hardly wait to be back living in the RV and on the road again.

  3. Nancy Hodgson says:

    safe travels when you get going…..maybe we will see you this winter

  4. I can’t comment on todays post but just wanted to say – safe travels! I hope you guys and the dogs have a peaceful drive and you can feel the stress leaving finally.

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