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Nov 30, 2015

Getting you caught up to me as well as myself getting it straight in my head

Last Tuesday, Nov. 24th we decided to head into Mazatlan to a nursery to pick up some replacement plants for my garden. It was a mere 80 minutes door to door.  So fast and I got more than I wanted.  Love this town.  Meanwhile back on the Isla we had been invited to a happy […]


Nov 29, 2015

Where to start with the rest of the story?

We were packing up because of Hurricane Sandra no matter what and we were going to move no matter what.  It was obvious that we needed to be further away from the ocean.  But would we move to the back of RV1 or possibly back to the entrance of “the road” or ?  We decided […]


Nov 28, 2015

We are back on the Isla

Because of expected large rainfall today we decided to return ASAP just in case the road became impassable.  The first 2-3 miles were a challenge but by driving slowly we managed it with no problems. Lots to report and blog about but frankly we are beyond exhausted. We are not in our site as it […]


Nov 27, 2015

Out of the wrath of the storm

We are away from the wrath of Hurricane Sandra We left the Isla about 1:35PM. The road out was excellent, best ever. It only took us 30 minutes. One year it took us 2.5 hours. We met up with Bob & Marjorie at a Pemex in Villa Union. Amazing sunset…..can’t send emails out other than […]


Nov 27, 2015

We are leaving the Isla

Sandra is still a Cat. 2 and yes she is only supposed to make landfall as a Tropical Storm.  That landfall is purported to be right here in Mazatlan.  The waves were crashing at our wall this morning and at times seeping over the top a bit.  The amount of expected rainfall for later today […]


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