Oct 27, 2015

Adios Colin

Up at 5:15 this morning to drive Colin to the airport.  He is off to Winnipeg to spend almost 3 days with his mom.  Mommio turns 101 tomorrow.  I’m sure I will get some photos to post soon.  He brought our new laptop with him and used that new rolling carry on bag I bought last month when I was in Edmonton.  As he returns at almost midnight Thursday I am not going to pick him up.  A cab ride is just under $20.00 and I don’t like driving at night. Besides if I did pick him up I couldn’t have any vino and by then I likely will need it.

Guess who is going to miss Colin.

Guess who is going to miss Colin?

First thing this morning will be dealing with getting the carpet in the RV cleaned.  It is badly trashed.  Fortunately, as we had hoped to get some renos done on the RV, we held back on our annual carpet clean.  The fellow who is coming today will start by vacuuming the roof as is is full of sawdust.  I’m also going to get him to wash all of the living room upholstery as well as the carpet.  Things will feel much better in there after that.  The RV tech is only coming Wednesday afternoon and possibly another day again if he doesn’t get his list of to do’s done.

Meanwhile I am going to do my best to close the business totally so that come Friday I can concentrate on packing.  As Colin is doing his final job Friday out in Enderby that means that the loading won’t start till Saturday but that day is half taken up with some scheduled appointments.  I’m going to try and do a few of them tomorrow to ease the load.  I would like to be in the RV if I have some extra time over the next few days putting things away that we brought over this last weekend but with a wet carpet it is likely not going to happen.  However the forecast is rain and rain showers for the next six days so we’ll be wet loading anyway 🙁   The good news is that because of the clouds it won’t be freezing cold.

Can you believe that we’ve done 42% of our annual business in the month of October 😯   I would say unbelievable if I hadn’t been the one doing the invoicing. Think of all the work Colin did.  Of course that means collecting the receivables before we leave which is a bit of a challenge.  Still working on that.


The good old days, I  wonder why no one ever put one of these in an RV.


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15 Responses to “Adios Colin”

  1. rae says:

    They don’t make appliances like they used to! 🙁

    I am appalled by the state of the RV after you got it back. Did you give the people a piece of your mind? You really should post about them to shame them.

    Hope Colin has a good trip and that you can get everything finalized so you can start packing.

    • Contessa says:

      The fellow who did the RV reno is a high end wood worker who builds custom furniture for the very rich so we are rather stunned about it all. Still am, as I found 2 more problems today. We have already paid for 4 or? 5 new doors for the living room which he had ordered so we are at a stalemate at the moment.

  2. It’s too bad you don’t have anyone just to deposit cheques as they come in so you can have the funds sitting in your bank account. Smart on asking him to take a cab, I hate late night driving too.

    • Contessa says:

      Usually we area able to collect all of our receivables before we leave as we get the jobs done much earlier. Essentially I am able to get someone ( for a fee ) to pick up our mail and hold it till we get back. Just can’t see getting them to do a deposit.

      I was gripping the steering wheel really tight in the dark this morning. Somehow I thought a bear of a deer would cross the road but of course I got back with no issues.

  3. Yes have wine no drive, good choice.
    Maybe have the clients do a bank transfer or something like that?
    Should be something with today’s technology.

  4. Al McC says:

    Just a thought about your hassles getting the money in. We will have a late electronic invoice from our landscaping guy after we leave for the south, I will pay it by Interac E-transfer after I get the invoice via E-mail. I’m wondering if you could ask your customers to do the same, it’s easier than writing a cheque.

    • Contessa says:

      As we are doing the last half of a last minute job this Friday and it is a quoted job I pre did the invoice(s) and sent it out last Sunday. Unfortunately the job is to be paid by 4 different companies. I asked them all to do an E -transfer or a direct deposit to our bank account, giving them out account info. I also explained that if they mailed a cheque it would not be cashed until mid April and that would likely mess up their books. I have given them until Nov. 2nd to advise me of their decision. Haven’t heard from any of them yet. Our final invoice will be sent out Thursday. We have subcontracted a photo shoot out in Cultus Lake. I emailed the client and asked him to do an E-transfer….no response. This one is tricky as I have to pay the photographer!!! However I am only writing his payment cheque for early December and will have someone mail it for me then. I can only hope that that developer will pay up. I really hate doing business so close to departure. Had 2 requests today for photography….sigh.

  5. Jannose says:

    Wow, 101! Isn’t that something. Sure hope Colin inherited her genes. Have a safe trip. We are leaving on November 16. Just in time to get away from winter.

    • Contessa says:

      Just spoke with Colin and he says she is even better than she was when we saw her in June. Wish we could have seen you in Arizona, another year.

  6. Janet. Ashworth says:

    Congratulations to Momio! Agree, hope Colin gets those genes.
    Leaving is always such a challenge, but eventually the plan comes together.
    Soon all the C’s will be headed South!

    • Contessa says:

      Thanks Janet. She is amazing, won’t use a walker due to pride even thought it would make her life easier. Last year was a challenge and this year is also, better get better soon 🙂

  7. Mary Edhaim says:

    I am also excited for you to get on the road. That means I can follow along with you (armchair style) and enjoy all of the adventures. Those two on the sofa are such “posers”. I am sure with all of the increased activity they know somethings up…time to leave. At the first sign of a suitcase rolling out, my Ellie goes into “pout mode”. They are so smart! Safe travels..
    Mary Edhaim

    • Contessa says:

      Hola Mary, I sure hope to be able to provide you and Ellie with some adventures. Right now it is an adventure to just get our of here. The RV tech came by for 10 minutes to review the list which Colin has already added to while in Winnipeg Our girls certainly know that something is up. Carmeh is pacing the floor because Colin is not home. It’s going to be a long night for me. Everytime she hear a sound she goes to the door and barks. By tomorrow she will have settled down a bit.

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