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Aug 14, 2015

Updates, more fires and thoughts

First off, thank you all my wonderful blog readers who sent comments on my last post.  I learned some things.  First off be very very careful what type of ice cream you buy.  One thing I discovered, thanks to your posts, was that I did not buy the type of ice cream for Colin’s birthday […]


Aug 13, 2015

Highway robbery!!

For Colin’s birthday I had purchased an apple pie and ice cream as well as the lemon meringue pie.  Both pies were delicious.  However Colin did not like the after taste of the ice cream. Pure chemicals and plastic.  Garbage 👿  


Aug 12, 2015

Fire update, more fires and the rest of yesterday

The local fire is out so to speak.  Sadly 5 hectares were burned in the short amount of time before it was contained.  It is still smoldering but there were firefighters on site all of last night.  We rested easy.  The entire crew did a great job yesterday afternoon.  Today has been yet another hot […]


Aug 11, 2015

We have a fire…..

…in the hills out back of us, like right there.  If it came down the hill we would have to evacuate but it is burning up the hill.  It has been burning for 2 hours now.  Lots of activity with helicopters dropping off ground crew, planes dropping retardant and a helicopter dropping water. The fire […]


Aug 10, 2015

Well, Maybe it’s time to Leave

Not sure but may as well give it a chance; my balloon’s deflating. It’s now or never. If you see my Contessa, Please tell her you saw me depart. By the way, Carmeh is with me.   PS  Has anyone seen my husband and my dog Carmeh?  He hijacked my blog.  Did you read what […]


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