Aug 21, 2015

I feel like I ran a marathon

First off, thanks for all the comments re the last post about gas pump prices.  Especially you new commenters.  Loved all of your thoughts.  I actually read on a friend’s Facebook page today ( no I do not do Facebook unless it is public, don’t do friend requests ) that where he lives in Ontario there is a gas war.  Prices in St Catharines were 96 cents per litre 3 days ago and yesterday they were down to 87 cents per liter.  We are at 1.32 per litre.   Location, location, location.  No rhyme nor reason 😡

I would have loved to respond to each of you and banter back and forth but alas I have been occupied running a marathon.  Well it certainly felt like it 😯   The last four days I have been involved in a royal battle re my Fathers’ will.  It has passed probate but now the lawyer involved has other issues.  Back and forth.  Each time I emailed or telephoned I was reminded how much this was costing 👿   I have finally taken over, well I hope so, I will know on Monday.  Meanwhile I have exhausted myself emotionally.  There are a few issues behind the scenes and some of those disbursements are required urgently due to health reasons.  I am worn out.  I want to get up to speed on all your private emails and blogs.  Give me a few days.

Colin and I had a meeting this morning.  It was raining so he was home.  Lucky me.  We have decided to delay our departure to Mexico by two weeks 😥   I don’t have the energy to prepare and he has several jobs in the wings awaiting perfect conditions.  We will only be leaving here October 31st with an anticipated arrival on our site on the Isla of November 15th.  Plus it looks like we will be getting almost half of the RV reno’s done between September 5th and October 16th, well worth the delay 😀  Plus we get a few extra days of R & R in the USA .  Not going to discuss the USD/CAD exchange rate  😥   The remaining reno’s will take place in the summer of 2016.  While in Mexico we will contemplate the changes we want in the living room.  Those of you visiting us on the Isla are welcome to share your input 😕

Today, late morning I headed out to get my hair done.  Followed by some grocery shopping and then unloading and putting away. The cool weather 😛  prompted me to make my lentil soup which we love.  Looking forward to a laid back evening.

Yesterday I found Caeli going back & forth between the bed and the dog fence.  She somehow got in behind and was trapped.

Yesterday I found Caeli going back & forth between the bed and the dog fence. She somehow got in behind and was trapped.

This morning she made me chuckle.  Nice to laugh, it has been a very long and exhausting week.  Wish I wasn’t so diligent.  Anyway, due to the rain we brought in the outside red bed and somehow it ended up on top of the inside bed.

The princess and the pea!

The princess and the pea!


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  1. Peter says:

    Take two asperin and call me in the morning. Oh, and don’t forget to take them with a glass of pinot!

  2. Contessa says:

    You are a kindred spirit indeed. Hugs,


  3. Just plug away at it and will get done, vino blanco will help you through these frustrating times.

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