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Aug 29, 2015

It’s been too depressing to post/ update

Fires and more fires and now we have ash falling. Yes that is the mountain we see out our window.  I watched it all afternoon.  The irony of it, is that Thursday afternoon was our first smoke free period in five full days.  We watched the fire grow to 30 hectares and now it is […]


Aug 26, 2015

Que pasa

Today I got an urge, a very large urge and longing to get to the Isla.  Must be the smoke.  Yes it continues but I keep thinking of those who are right there and how much worse it must be.  Very sadly both Christina Lake and Grand Forks have been issued evacuation alerts.  The US […]


Aug 25, 2015

Just some stuff :)

I am beat, having worked non stop for 2 days on estate stuff.  Just when I think it is done something comes along.  I have an ace up my sleeve and just might get it done this week. Used the stroller today for Carmeh’s walk but she did walk some.  Good news is that she […]


Aug 24, 2015

Finally 3 years later, the fireplace is finished

Carmeh has been holding her own.  However this morning she seemed more unsteady than usual and was very crooked as she walked.  Colin and I were together on the morning walk and just one block in she halted.  So he carried her mostly and we had her walk a few short areas.  In the treed […]


Aug 23, 2015

Smoke gets in your eyes! Darn, darn, darn!

We have had 2 perfect days and then it happened. There is a monstrous fire, the Stickpin fire in Washington state, burning just 2.5 miles south of the border.  92,000 hectares burned to date.  Colin was supposed to head down that way at 5AM this morning to do some photography. Despite the forecast showing sunshine, […]


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