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Jul 24, 2015

Sometimes you have to look way up

Colin spied this the other day as he was heading into town.  I never did ask what made him look up.  I just now called him to ask.  With the new car his cell comes thru ??? bluetooth, I have no idea what that means.  All I know is that he can answer the phone […]


Jul 23, 2015

A good time was had by all



Jul 22, 2015

Having a party !!!!

Today we are celebrating Colin’s 65th birthday 😛   Just the two of us.  He worked till noon and we are taking the rest of the day to play and relax.  Photos tomorrow. Sadly the fire I mentioned in my last post has grown to 430 hectares and is 0% contained. They have manged to […]


Jul 20, 2015

New fire across the lake & stuff

Colin went to take the girls out and called me outside.  Smoke and ???  I called the local fire department.  It is a new fire just across the lake.  We had an electrical storm pass through last night and had 60 new fires start.  One, also close to us has 80 homes on evacuation alert. […]


Jul 19, 2015

Kangaroo Farm and celebrating 28 years

Finally, finally I got to visit the Kangaroo Farm here in Lake Country.  I had hoped to do that last year for my birthday, then again when Juan & Chris came to visit a year ago in June and yet again for my birthday this past May.  So I was pleased that we got to […]


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