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Jun 30, 2015

Quite the last 24 hours

After I published my post yesterday we were suddenly without warning attacked by Mother Nature.  The storm warnings were gone and we had finally sat down to eat a late dinner about 9PM when the sky darkened. In the following one minute video you can hear and see the effects of the sounds of the […]


Jun 29, 2015

Almost a bonafide computer geek & Carmeh update

It’s amazing what you can learn from Dr. Google. Today I solved a problem that has been an issue even since we have used a computer. Hot machines 🙄  At times our computers have run so hot that you could burn your fingers by touching the back.  I remember our laptop would burn my thighs.  […]


Jun 28, 2015


We actually went out on a date night.  For the first time since Carmeh was hurt May 26th we decided she was well enough to leave alone at home with Caeli of course, for a few hours.  Yes she has pretty much had someone with her the entire last several weeks. So last Thursday evening […]


Jun 27, 2015

100F in the shade and Carmeh update

Colin did get back down the mountain and home safely last night.  He was pretty wired and tired and needed a glass of vino to relax.  Home after 10:30PM and up early and off @ 7:30AM to the next job this morning.  This time photos for a winery way south in Oliver, B.C. Meanwhile it was […]


Jun 26, 2015

Bear alert, OMG !

Wasn’t going to do a post tonight….really really tired.  I always have lots to post about and I have a good one coming up, but not always the energy.  Anyway just got a call ( 7:58 PM ) from Colin who is working on a signature shot for the prestigious golf course of the area.  […]


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