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Apr 15, 2015

Back in Canada & a day of RV maintenance

It was a cool 40F at 6:30 AM. It was a quick 90 minute drive to the border and that included stopping to fill the RV with diesel @ 2.659/gallon.  A full $1.20 less per gallon and we saved $71.00USD over what we paid last year for the same 53 gallons.  We aren’t counting the […]


Apr 14, 2015

RV break down and our last night in the USA

It rained off and on all night.  This morning it was damp and chilly and definitely time to pull out the fleece pants and tops.  Welcome to the Pacific North West. It took a while to get through Portland, always so much traffic even at 9:30 AM.  It is a beautiful city and I would […]


Apr 13, 2015

So many changes

From the beach of la Isla de la Piedra to the dry desert in Ajo to shopping in Yuma to the farm fields of Southern California and onto the mountains of Northern California, so many different landscapes.  We woke to cool temps of 40F in Yreka and soon were ready to hit the road.  The […]


Apr 12, 2015

Sunday Activities

There was a distinct feel to our drive today and soon I decided it was because it was Sunday.  I could see that things were different.  More relaxed and laid back. A few minutes later there was an airfield to the left advertising skydiving and there were about 50 tents sent up around the building.  […]


Apr 11, 2015

I am cracking up ~ literally !!

Yesterday This is day 10 of the super dry conditions and my body is rebelling.   How does one live with 1% to 12 % humidity?  Really, I do want to know.  Every year we have a reaction as we leave the humidity of the Isla and head into Arizona and southern California.  We both have […]


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