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Apr 23, 2015

Que pasa

We haven’t even been home a week but it certainly feels like we have done at least 3 weeks of work.  I wish I could take time off to just recover from the journey, from the unloading and from the loss of my father.  I will do all of that soon ( I hope ) […]


Apr 21, 2015

This made me smile today

I heard quite a bit of loud honking this morning and stood up at my desk to see what was happening. 🙂  I ran outside with my camera and caught them just as they had passed by. Thanks for all of your comments and emails and thoughts and hugs.  It helped, a lot. Sadly just […]


Apr 20, 2015

Too sad to post…

…sorry but it is a teary evening. The day was extremely busy.  Too much happening business wise and estate wise plus a medical procedure, all of which made me tired.  Just  a few moments ago I got a call that a very good friend’s mother only has days to live.  That started the tears….I think […]


Apr 19, 2015

Finally we have water

Hot water that is 😆 We waited until about 10 AM and still no plumber.  Colin left messages but none of his calls were returned.  Called the builder who finally gave Colin the guy’s home phone number.  He actually answered and said he was home doing paper work.  Colin kind of begged him.   Finally on […]


Apr 18, 2015

Home safely but we have a few problems

We did not get out of the service bay until 6:00PM on Wednesday.  Our friend Judy arrived about 4:30PM and in true RVer style just hopped in and we started the party while still being serviced.  Once out of the bay Colin hooked us up to be ready to leave.  Meanwhile I made dinner. We […]


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