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Mar 23, 2015

A very special beach walk

We have had six years of beach time here on the Isla and I have to say that 7 days ago it was the best day ever.  I didn’t post about because I kept hoping it would repeat the next day or the next day and I could share even more with you.  Interestingly I […]


Mar 22, 2015

Quickie cartoon post :)

Not my usual type of post but it will just have to do 😳   This was featured on our Kelowna local online news this morning.


Mar 21, 2015

Low energy and high tide

Thanks to Rae, you can now sign up for new posts delivered to your inbox as well as sign up for replies to your comment to be sent to your inbox.  Most importantly she has updated my blog system for the first time since it was created in 2010.  Seems like I hired someone to […]


Mar 19, 2015

We partied at a home built in 1829

Finally we arrived at our destination in Centro.  Renee and Greg purchased a lovely home built in 1829 last September and have been busy restoring it to its former glory.  Lots and lots of blood, sweat and tears and even more tears not to mention pesos.  This was to be the first unveiling of the […]


Mar 16, 2015

Que pasa

We are so aware that our days here in paradise are numbered.  Soon it is time to start packing up and to start the long drive back to Canada. Time is short and each hour is precious.  I seem to be seeing things through different eyes, wanting to retain all that I see.  You have […]


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